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12.03.2009 Feature Article

Heathrow, the gateway to hell!

It is indeed sad that we welcome with open arms the poorest westerner and yet our doctors and other graduates are treated like second class citizens in the whiteman's land. Some very decent human beings have selflessly left the comfort and company of their loving families to improve the living conditions of not just those but many who for time rely on each other for our daily bread. This is the crime the ghanaian traveller has committed and can not be forgiving in the land of those we have foolishly called our colonial masters with pride. As a message of solidarity for all our brothers who have to endure so much pain because we are trying to live 'under the radar', I say steadfast! The land in which you are kings and queens, Ghana, Africa, soon, will become once again the land it used to be. We have been robbed but we are hard working. Our arms were strong enough to dig the tunnels which they pride themselves of today. Our arms were strong enough to cultivate the vast lands which had never been cultivated to provide them with food. Our arms are surely strong enough to restore the pride and beauty which they stole from us. I believe in the star of Africa and so should us all. When they force the tear from your eye, never you forget that you are always welcome home. Mo odehyee ba! Akwantuo yeya!
Nana Felix Osei Kuffour
Nana Felix Osei Kuffour, © 2009

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