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02.03.2009 CPP News

CPP’s future determined

By theghanaianjournal

…No more wholesale endorsements
Leaders of the Convention People's Party, although slow in their approach in settling the numerous disputes in the party, are currently making efforts to solidify the grounds for the 2012 general elections.

Mr. Ladi Nylander, Chairman and Leader of the Convention People's Party in a press release, assured party members of a procedural process in the election of a flagbearer for 2012.

“No one will be denied the opportunity to contest for leadership in favor of an endorsement of any previous candidate. Any wholesale endorsements at this time are therefore misplaced & not encouraged.”

Mr. Ladi directed the various regional and constituency chairmen to guide their membership to focus at this time on the more important task of building the grass roots structures of the Party.

“The single most important issue that will determine the competitiveness of CPP in future elections is the operational capacity of the Party, and its degree of internal cohesion. Leadership therefore asks all members to work together assiduously towards this task of building the party until elections are announced.” The release stated.

Over the last decade and a half, the descendants of the Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's Convention People's Party (CPP) have been trying hard to redefine themselves.

The party has the enviable record of leading the country to independence; one would have expected that its inheritance would be the envy of all. Unfortunately, today, those who claim to be followers of that great leader, and shamelessly address themselves as Nkrumaists, taking after his name, cut a sorry sight as they are scattered in small groups, with each trying to preserve its small colony, for fear of ceding some of the powers they wield in their small enclaves.

This move by party leaders, if enforced would go a long way to bring some sanity into a party that so many Africans respect and love.