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26.02.2009 Education

Saint Mary’s Seminary SHS appeals for transport


The Reverend Father Edward Siffah, Headmaster of Saint Mary's Seminary Senior High School (SHS) Lolobi, has made an urgent appeal to the relevant state institutions to consider the school in the allocation of the next batch of vehicles to SHSs, as a matter of necessity.

Rev. Father Siffah told the Ghana News Agency that the School spends 8,000 Ghana cedis annually to put its 22 years old rickety 14-seater bus on the road out of necessity.

He said transportation overhead cost to the school was in the region of 15,000 Ghana Cedis, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to put the old bus on the road.

He said a Bedford truck donated to the school in 1980 is a complete write off.

Rev Father Siffah said the school was finding it increasingly difficult to cope without reliable means of transport for smooth administration, teaching and learning as well as out of campus academic programmes.

He said the rural setting of the School, about eight kilometres north of Hohoe along the Hohoe-Ayoma trunk road makes a reliable means of transport a major necessity.