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23.02.2009 Feature Article

Open Letter To Napoleon Kodzo Agboada, The Self-Proclaimed Kingmaker And Secretary To The Awoamezi O


Now that we have finished exposing the criminal acts of DCOP Bernard Guyiri Dery, the former Volta Region Police Commander and currently, the Head of the Police Workshop in Accra, as it relates to the Awoamefia Chieftaincy impasse in Anlo (see GhanaWeb, January 16, 2009), we would like to open a dossier on Napoleon Kodzo Agboada, the self-proclaimed kingmaker and secretary to the revered Awoamezi of the State of Anlo. Just as the old and wise Rafiki told Simba of the Lion King to go back and find out about his roots, we would also entreat Napoleon Agboada to also go back and learn more about his paternal lineage. We shall provide him with the appropriate leads.

There is an old adage that says, “the person who lives in a glass house should never throw stones at others”. Additionally, “the goat with diarrhea that makes it a habit to defecate around town thinking that it was soiling the environment should realize that it was equally soiling its own anus and tail”.

We are happy to report that OUR SCOUTS have done a really very good job by sniffing around every nook and cranny and coming up with a startling confirmation, which exposes Napoleon Agboada's self-image, vainglorious ostentation and egotism to the core.

The very first reliable find confirmed by our fact-finding Scouts affirms that NAPOLEON KODZO AGBOADA is not a descendant from the line of the three sons, i.e. Fuiga Agbeve, De Azimaxada and Adzika Drafor, of Torgbui Sri I. The Scouts also got the scoop that you are rather a descendant from your great, great grandfather, one Komla of Aflao, who had no blood connection whatsoever with members of the Adzorvia Clan of Anlo.

Napoleon, can you recollect what your late Uncle Dotse Gagadosu Agboada told you and Vincent Kofi Egle Agboada at one of your so-called Royal Adzorvia family meetings? Quote, “We, the Agboadawo are not descendants of Torgbui Sri I. We were only brought to the Adzorvia household to serve the gods and the stool”. Unquote. The Agboadas are only caretakers of the Awoamezi, a role they assumed much later in Anlo history. More about this historical fact in our next article.

The second ever-convincing report of our Scouts lends credence to the fact that you are the arch-ARCHITECT of the tribulations, humiliations and sufferings the peace-loving and law-abiding people of Anlo have been made to endure on the land of their birth all these years, since 1st February, 2003.

Napoleon, you have been rated very high as the main cause of the Chieftaincy troubles in Anloland. You are held in this rating because your accomplice, Seth Lumorvi Atsitsogbui, your so-called Francis Nyonyo Agboada, is a semi-illiterate young man who cannot speak correct English extempore for five minutes standing, without numerous grammatical mistakes noticeable in his speech.

Despite your education and sound legal background, Napoleon, it was with this unlettered man you struck an unholy alliance in February 2003 to pull down the whole structure of Anlo customs, traditions and culture. And you did not stop at that, Napoleon. You indeed went to the extent of introducing this FRAUD to your Agboada family members as one of the family members of Agboada, even though you knew at the time and still know fully well that he is not an Agboada family member.

There are always underlying reasons for doing everything, Napoleon. And you must know that the Anlos have now sewn their lips together in asking you for an explanation as to what at all was it that prompted you and your group of corrupt and misguided Chiefs from other traditional areas like Somey, Aflao, Fenyi, Ave and Avenor, together with a band of money-grabbing thugs and sycophants to destabilize the Anlo State?

The answer to Anlos' public question above is very obvious and not far-fetched. It is no wonder our loyal Scouts scooped out the plan and unpalatable truth about you Napoleon and your Tingod, Seth Lumorvi Atsitsogbui, that BOTH OF YOU ARE NO DESCENDANTS FROM THE ADZORVIA CLAN. This unpalatable “xorgamenya” or as the Akans put it, “afisem” or “chamber secret” (skeleton in the closet, as the English put it), having been revealed to you when you yourself aspired to the Awoamefia stool has turned you into an “Alaga” of the Yewe cult out to destroy the Anlo State through the Adzorvia Clan. But you must bear the full blame for hands being pointed behind your family background and we shall not redeem you but ask for your sacrifice for your crimes against the people of Anlo.

This dug-out clue to your treacherous behaviour is perfectly true. No sensible and well-meaning citizen who has the interest and welfare of his land of birth at heart could ever treat his birth place with contempt the way you are treating the Anlo State. Indeed, it is only a stranger out to take revenge like you who can do so.

Napoleon, through your own vain gloriousness and inordinate hunger for power, it is now publicly known not only within the Adzorvia Clan but also within the other fifteen (15) Clans of Anlo that your grandfather, the late Agobodzo Agboada's great grandmother was a native of Aflao brought down by her relatives and inducted into the Tormi deity at Anloga as a devotee (Fiasidi), many years back. Do you dispute this fact, Napoleon? Certainly, a child cannot know the cloth he was first wrapped in at birth!

Napoleon, it is also reliably scooped out by our Scouts that on the occasion of Agobodzo Agboada's great grandmother's coming to Anloga for the necessary induction, her own son called Komla who was just about three or four years old, also came along with her to Anloga.

Napoleon, since there was the choice always given to all the original husbands of women brought to the Tormi Shrine to come forward and perform certain laid-down rites and have their wives redeemed back home, your grandfather's (i.e., Agobodzo Agboada's) great grandmother waited patiently at the shrine in the hope that her Aflao husband (Komla's father) would come and have her redeemed back home, but to no avail.

And it was in that state of complete despair and disillusionment that Agobodzo Agboada's great grandmother eventually got married to one Koglanu, a grandson of ADZIKA DRAFOR. Note that Adzika Drafor was the third son of Torgbui Sri I of blessed memory.

You know, your grandfather Agobodzo's great grandmother gave birth to a female child for Koglanu, but unfortunately the child died prematurely without an issue. However, Koglanu thereafter married a woman from Tegbi who begat children including males named EKPE and EKE for him. These are full-blooded Adzorvia Clan members hailing from the line of Adzika Drafor.

While all these memorable events were taking place, your grandfather Agobodzo Agboada's grandfather Komla of Aflao was steadily growing into manhood and undergoing serious adolescent training at the same time within the confines of the Tormi Shrine at Anloga.

Upon Komla's attainment of marriageable age, he took his first wife from the HOUSE OF KORVISHI at Anloga. And it was this first wife who begat AGBOADA – an acclaimed descendant of Komla from Aflao. Other siblings of Agboada include Ahlidobu, Adzei, and Azila.

In line with the saying that history repeats itself, Agboada followed the footsteps of his father, Komla, and had his first wife taken from the same House of Korvishi, resulting in the birth of Amehame Agboada, Tavina Galley Agboada and Agelika-dada.

Then Agboada, in his quest to demonstrate his love for his father Komla's birth place, went back to Aflao and married his second wife from the family house of the father.

It is evidently clearly known, therefore, that the marriage of Agboada from the family house of his father was by no means anything accidental; it was clearly a pre-mediated plan to honour ones homeland, which is a very patriotic and laudable move. So, do not get scared and forget that it was from that marriage that your grandfather Agobodzo Agboada, Christian Kwami Agboada, Dzudzi Agboada (female) AND others were born. Agobodzo Agboada begat your father, Mewordekeo Agboada (aka Agbavitor, medu na nyanya o).

Now let us go through Agboada's children, his grand children and his great, great grand children:-

He married a woman called Gavi from Aflorto and had Kodzo, Yakayake, Amenakpor, Kuenyeto, Kpemli, Afiyo, Kokuvi, Ami Nancy, Ablavi, Agbomatodzoe and Nyagabolo.

Ziekpor, Borklo Nunyanu's former wife had Doe Xedzaka (Denkudi), Besa Amekuku, Agordeha and Borlor for Amehame.

Tavina married Ewui, Agbenuvor's daughter from Atorkor and had Kuedexa (Postmaster).

Tavina's second marriage to Nyayegbe from Korvishie's household bore Dotse Gagadosu and siblings.

Tavina had other children as Atsu and Atsufui, Doe, Nyamuame and Agala.

· 1ST MARRIAGE – He married Hlortsabe from Anyako, Kumassah's household and had a son Kofi Bina.

· 2nd MARRIAGE – He married Honude from his grandfather Komla's home Aflao and begat MEWORDEKEO, aka Agbavitor, medu na nyanya o (NAPOLEON AGBOADA'S FATHER), Pepa, Abui, Patrick Kwawu, Kokui, Ama and Atsu Nyornuvoe.

· 3rd MRRIAGE – He married Mansa Nutakor from Whuti and had Awo, Nuworfe, Yevuagbloe, Kofi Egle, Akuwor, Kobla and Lena.

· 4th MARRIAGE – He married Dzogbeshie and had Emmanuel Kwamivi, Edzoe, Mesornawo, Dzatugbui, Exelawo, Yaovi, Cornelius and others.

· 5th MARRIAGE – He again married a woman from Whuti who had Atsu Kpeka.

· 6th MARRIAGE – He married from Exe Yadogli's household, Avume who had a number of male and female children for him.

· 7th MARRIAGE - He married from Xenui out of which a girl child was born for him.

· 8th MARRIAGE – He married another woman from Aflao who had Agoha.

· 9th MARRIAGE - He married a woman from Ada who was betrothed at the Tormi Shrine and had children.

Kwami was both a maternal and paternal brother to Agobodzo. He got married to a woman from Agbozume and had Kodzo and Korne.

She married from Blekusu and had Yaovi, Anyigbavor and others.

So Mr. Napoleon Kodzo Agboada here we are. Where among the children of your great, great grand father Agboada have you seen the name of the late Kpodo Dzigbe of Kodzi/Fiaxor who was the father of the late David Ananiga (Bokorga) Atsitsogbui who also begat Seth Lumorvi Atsitsogbui whom you have christened Francis Nyonyo Agboada?

What is then the proof to your claim of being a Full-Blooded Royal Adzorvia?


Napoleon Kodzo Agboada you are not an Adzorvia by birth, as our Scouts have revealed that your maternal side does not qualify you as an Adzorvia royal and for you to even determine who becomes an Awoamefia of Anlo.

In Anlo we inherit PATRILINEALLY, so forget about your mother, the late Madam Awoga Kwawukume being a descendant from the Kwawukume family and your elder sister having been married to a Kwawukume. These familial (maternal) relationships do not qualify you in anyway as a full-blooded Royal Adzorvia.


The outrageous and false claims sometimes made by you the AGBOADAS to the effect that it was DEKPUIA, a descendant of Adzika Drafor who begat your forefather Komla, is incredibly fantastic. It is a figment of your own creation with no iota of truth buttressing such presumption. Supposing your assumptions were true, why then do you Agboadas claim yourselves as belonging to the YORXOENU house of the Adzorvia Clan?

You have by your own acts forfeited all your rights for consideration of you as one of the creations of humanity and should have ended at Torkor Atorlia, the Fifth Landing Stage, in the olden days. Get into yourself, Napoleon, and assess for yourself the gravity of the heinous crimes committed by you against the Anlo State.

Your first diabolical and orchestrated plan put in place to turn upside down the whole gamut of our ever-cherished Anlo customs, traditions and culture, was the undemocratic, unconstitutional and unlawful meeting called by you and your accomplice, the so-called Nyonyo Agboada, without the knowledge and approval of the Heads and the Principal Members of the three (3) Houses of the Adzorvia Clan.

It was also at that bogus and fraudulent 1st February, 2003 meeting attended by your own favourites including fifteen (15) selected Agboada Family members with whom you had no difficulty at all in bribing into accepting and selecting this international Fraud and Usurper, Francis Nyonyo Agboada as “Regent”.

This unwholesome and unapproved action gave Seth Lumorvi Atsitsogbui the inordinate ambition to vie for the sacred AWOAMEZI of the Anlos, even though he knew at the time and still knows that he is nowhere near the Stool, since he is of the Amlade Clan.

Your second serious crime, committed by you against the Adzorvia Clan in particular and the entire Anlo public in general, was your coining of the title, “REGENT TOGBI SRI III” with which the so-called Francis Nyonyo Agboada cloaked himself and went about portraying himself as the OVERLORD of Anlo. We are all witnesses to the many unfavourable things and / or blunders he had committed under the guise of this self-created title.

The next strategic move adopted by you to set the Anlo State ablaze, was the numerous newspaper publications you caused to be made sometimes in the name of innocent Anlo Youth who do not know their left from right and because of money, authenticated such publications as having come from their script. This affirmation is gleaned from the standard of English used in such publications, Napoleon.

In the publications referred to above, you always discreetly tried to paint your TINGOD Lumorvi, as if he were vested with an extraordinary, insular–know–all wisdom and authority to commit whatever crime he wanted to commit against the Anlo State. Such horrible commissions of Lumorvi on Anloland are legion.

Then again, the other crime committed by you, Napoleon, against the Anlo State, was your organization of several public meetings at which you subtly and frequently referred to Lumorvi as the HEIR APPARENT of the AWOAMEZI.

By the way, who makes you, an Anlo descendant (from all indications), a Kingmaker of the Awoamefia Stool of Anlo? Who are you, Napoleon, to display such bold effrontery in trying to hoist or impose this international FRAUDSTER on us as our OVERLORD? This could only happen over our dead bodies!

It is also on record, Napoleon, that in one of such meetings held by you and your band of faceless, dishonest and money-grabbing Chiefs from other traditional Areas, at the Anloga E.P. Church School playing field on one Saturday market-day, your TINGOD Lumorvi had the shameless boldness to brag himself and declare vaingloriously, among other things, that no Awoamefia could ever be installed in Anlo without his prior approval and consent, adding that any attempt at installing an Awoamefia in the area, could only be done in thin air and NOT on the good soil of Anlo. WHAT A SACRILEGIOUS AND SLANDEROUS SLASH AT THE ENTIRE ANLO STATE!

Most surprisingly enough, you did not stop at these your above-mentioned underhand dealings against the Anlo State. Instead, you still persisted in your hidden agenda, with the complicity of the “powers that be”, to have this FRAUDSTER hoisted over or imposed upon us as the next Awoamefia!

In pursuance of this crazy and ignoble move, you built and published a fictitious Family Tree around Seth Lumorvi Atsitsogbui alias Francis Nyonyo Agboada in the Friday, August 17, 2007 edition of the Daily Graphic, with the sole aim of brain-washing the entire Anlo public into accepting the legibility of the so-called Francis Nyonyo Agboada as the rightful heir to the Awoamezi of the Adzorvia Clan. Take the cue, Napoleon, that we the ANLOS, are no fools. We are highly intelligent, endowed with innate capacity to discern TRUTH from UNTRUTH. So beware.

But Napoleon, the last straw that has broken the camel's back and alerted us on your guard, was your ignoble and highly-annoying publication in the Daily Graphic to the effect that the so-called Francis Nyonyo Agboada has been put 'INDOORS' as the AWOAMEFIA-ELECT and on the occasion of the celebration of HOGBETSOTSO CULTURAL FESTIVAL slated to take place on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at the ANLOGA HOGBE PARK at 10:00 am, precisely, to be introduced to the Anlo public as the new fully-installed Awoamefia of the Anlo State.

Napoleon, you had terribly misfired. You could never have succeeded in throwing dust into our eyes. Both you and the so-called Francis Nyonyo Agboada are strictly warned to steer clear of the Chieftaincy affairs of Anlo, for you are no members of the Adzorvia Clan. But who does not know that SETH LUMORVI ATSITSOGBUI alias Francis Nyonyo Agboada draws both his paternal and maternal family roots from one Dzikpataku – a fabulously wealthy man of Dzita and Alakple?

Get it straight, Napoleon, that all your machinations and dishonest alliances struck by both of you with the “powers that be” who have been kicked out of power by the thumb prints of Ghanaians, to set Anloland ablaze, would never deter us from taking the legitimate cause to defend our motherland.

The falsehood, arrogance, insensitivity, threat and intimidation contained in your letter of March 12th, 2008 titled OPEN LETTER TO ANLOS IN THE DIASPORA “ EXTORTION OF MONIES TO IGNITE CIVIL WAR IN ANLO INSTEAD OF DEVELOPMENT”, has no substance in it. Such canny and diabolical treasonable actions of yours would never stop us from doing the culturally noble and justifiable things for and on behalf of the citizens of Anlo. The blood spilled by the innocent martyrs of Anlo on bloody Thursday of November 1, 2007 will forever be on your head, that of Seth Lumorvi Atsitsogbui, the money-grabbing chiefs, corrupt judges and other accomplices' heads. We would not delve into the merits and demerits of your letter in this write up since Mr. Raymond. Kodzo Okudzeto has already responded to you appropriately on the 16th of March 2008. In the olden days, people like you, Napoleon, would have ended at Torkor Atorlia (the 5th Landing Stage), because deservedly, that is where you belong. You are just too diabolical and too dangerous to live amongst decent Anlo people.

We are most grateful that the powers-that-be are no longer available to support your diabolical plans against the State of Anlo. It is true that, if honey is flowing from the beehive into your mouth, you never think or imagine that one day the migrating bees will move on to or be forced into another forest and that the honey will forever stop flowing at the previous location. You, Seth Lumorvi Atsitsogbui, your thugs, corrupt judges and the money-grabbing chiefs however have the option to migrate to the new forest with the bees or to remain in the old forest to experience the “gravity” of a sudden shortfall! The option is yours to choose from.


Before we are done in this write-up, allow us to remind you of the biblical quotation taken from Proverbs 3:13-14 which admonishes us in the following words thus:

“Evie dor na dada alo fofoa wodzuna”.
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A. Kobla Dotse
A. Kobla Dotse, © 2009

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