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04.02.2009 International

Student fakes insanity - for art project

By Ananova

A modern art student stunned doctors by pretending to be mad so she'd be sent to a psychiatric hospital - as part of her degree show.

Anna Odell, 35, convinced police she was psychotic after faking a suicide attempt jumping off a bridge in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

It took eight staff to restrain her at nearby St Goran's hospital where the artist kicked, screamed and spat in nurses' faces until she was sedated and strapped down.

But furious doctors discharged her the next morning when she told them the stunt had been part of an art project for her final degree show at Sweden's University College of Arts.

Police are investigating complaints of assault, violence against public servants and wasting police time.

Chief physician David Eberhard said: "It's not only disgraceful that she used our resources, but what she also did to other patients, the staff - to everyone - is shameless.

"She and the head of her college ought to cut their hair and get real jobs."

Ms Odell insisted: "It was well thought through and no joke."