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A visionary leader will reform CPP soon. The new African and his Political Mission.

A visionary leader will reform CPP soon. The new African and his Political Mission.
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Fellow countrymen, the time has come. The redeemer of CPP has at long last declared his intention to help rescue Ghanaians from their social, economic and political chaos in which the country finds itself. The mission is being derailed, the vision is being destroyed, and the exploitation of the masses continues unabated. Inimical ideologies are derailing and destroying “The Mission and the Vision of the country”. What was the vision of Ghana? What has been going wrong?

The decimation is unchallenged because the party is impotent and has abandoned the ideology of the founder. The result is a party in demise and a people in agony. The masses are suffering because the party does not understand the founder.

A message from the new African.
This new African, whose name is withheld until the party for strategic reasons officially endorses him, has promised to represent a New Generation of the CPP. This new African has this to say: “As our strength lies in finding solutions to our woes, with a unified purpose to manage our affairs, developing policy and action for progress and the development of Ghana, so lays the strength of the un-progressive forces in making sure that we are not united. And--unless we find a solution to this obvious and very powerful threat i.e. dis-unity with a united front and a proper policy for the development of our country, the strategy of the un-progressive forces will be to pick us off and destroy us one by one”. The political discontent, the unemployment, the corruption, the poverty, the sickness in Ghana and in general Africa , are all due to lack of unity on our part and bad management of resources by people put in charge to develop and utilise these resources. A cursory examination of the developed world indicates that prosperity in any developing country can only be achieved if the intellectual capital and natural resources are properly managed and utilised. Ghana is blessed with highly qualified expertise, significant mineral deposits, timber, cocoa and fertile land and yet the country is still classified as a poor country. The same applies to most African countries e.g. Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, and Uganda Tanzania Kenya etc. It is because the African continent lacks leaders with vision this is why the continent is poor. One of the maxim of Principles of Management is and I quote” an organisation cannot be fundamentally different from its Chief Executive”. I think the CPP should provide such a leader for the battle ahead. For that reason, I am coming to reform the CPP”.

His Leadership Attributes.
This new African who is ready to reform CPP is a visionary leader. He saw the downfall of Ghana; the day he escaped from Ghana in 1966 from the hands of those who set the clock back. He now sees a new future for Ghana and Africa come 2009 when another son of Africa will be president of the United States of America. This new African, has a similar vision, which he had in exile when he said in one of his writings, that: “Blessed are those who could survive with the rhythm of the universe; for their souls shall not envisage the iniquity of nature. Wo besides he, who seeks for the natural talent, which is like a dangerous disease within the body that takes several decades to destroy the soul; for ye shall never be free from, sorrow, oppression, moral degeneration and the iniquity of nature”.

Such a prophetical message is a testimony of what he is as an African seeking for that God given natural talent needed to redeem CPP and his people from social and political bondage. His mission is to ensure that Africa Unites and change the name AU to United States of Africa (USA). After he has been accepted to lead the reformation team of CPP, he will immediately created plans to mobilize the Nkrumahist people to deal with the perils and challenges of global systems. He will change the leadership, change the corporate identity, unite all other Nkrumahist parties, and invite all independent candidates who took part in the elections and form a united front ready to transform Ghana into a Social Democratic Country capable of managing their own affairs. Industrialisation, creativity and the pursuit of freedom, peace and justice will be their outmost political agenda.

The new African foresaw the dangers of disunity within the CPP, which led to the abysmal defeat within, before they went out to wrestle power from the NPP and NDC in the 2008 parliamentarian and presidential elections. The re-unification of the Nkrumah's tradition is his first priority. As a leader, he will be a guiding star and a beacon of hope to all people of Ghana and African descent. He will lift high the lamp that will show the way to liberty, security, and prosperity and form a leadership that will provide guidance to the re-liberation of Ghana and Africa from colonialism and ensure that the African is capable of managing his own affairs.

This new African has the ability to inspire people because of his personal credibility and integrity. His words and future deeds will undoubtedly motivate the people to greater goals. The masses are willing to listen to him due to his essential personal attributes. His leadership qualities will motivate many Africans to devote their lives to African Liberation and emancipation. History will prove that he would be one of the Africans Leaders with impeccable credibility and integrity. Ghana can make it. His indefatigable effort to lead Ghana away from ethnic polarization will be exemplary. He will plead with all Ghanaians to focus on the greater interest of Ghana and not on their respective ethnic interest because ethnocentrism is wholly unacceptable against global hegemonies. We are all witnesses of such ethnic clinching between the political parties in Ghana today. Today we see the parties fighting among themselves to attain power. Someone with clear mind should ask them what their infighting is all about. Are they fighting for the industrialisation vision of Ghana? Are they fighting to ensure that the Ghana is capable of feeding itself? Are they fighting to ensure that the Ghanaian adds value to our products? Are they fighting to ensure that corruption is repudiated in our system? Are they fighting to ensure that justice is made available to every citizen? Are they fighting to create jobs for the youth? Are they fighting to ensure that the rural areas are developed to ensure full employment opportunities? Are they fighting for a national development plan that can be enacted in our constitution to ensure that any government respects that legislation? Or they are fighting mainly for money and power? This new African will ask the politicians and the good people of Ghana in due course.

This new African will become the epicentre of the Ghanaian unifying force against all foreign domination by building on the affinity of Ghanaians. His vision will enable him to quickly recognize the dynamics of the Ghanaian economies and global politics. He saw that the structure of the world economy was such that geopolitics and multinational companies will determine how nations develop. Accordingly, he stressed that the only way Ghanaians and Africans can ever make progress and become masters of their own economies is to unite. He saw in unity the very survival of the Ghanaian People. The need for rapid economic advancement for Ghana was the reason for the formation of the CPP in 1949 as a vehicle of emancipation. It was a mass party that embraced farmers, fishermen, the rural folks, the rich and the poor alike. The party was committed to the freedom and dignity of the African everywhere, and committed to total independence of Africa. This purpose has not materialized by the existing leaders of CPP because of lack of visionary leadership.

It is about time that the masses of our people witnessed the coming into being of the new “Social Democratic Policy” of the (CPP) that will create a great political awakening, to ensure that the vision of its founder Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is achieved. He once said: "I must once again emphasize that the masses of the people form the backbone of our Party and their living conditions and their welfare must be paramount in everything we do. It is for them in particular and Africa in general that our Party exists." total emancipation and unity of our continent." Kwame Nkrumah.

And that statement of Kwame Nkrumah is precisely his mission.

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