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26.11.2008 Press Release

Ghanaians Living Abroad and ROPAA in 2012

By Augustine Blay

Ghanaians Living Abroad is an online community of all ghanaians living abroad. Our objective is to provide a forum for Ghanaians Living Abroad to actively participate on issues that transcend political parties but are important to the promotion of good governance, democracy, capacity building, and economic development of our beloved country.

The first such issue is the failure of the Electoral Commission (EC) to implement the Representation of the People's Amendment Act (ROPAA) in this current election cycle. Regardless of your politcal leaning, it is a law that has been passed and therefore must be implemented. However, we must be careful not to implement laws hapharzardly that may degrade the peace, freedom, and rights guaranteed under any democratic government. For better or worse, the Electoral Commission failed to implement ROPAA.

This however provides us with an opportunity to

be proactive and propose strategies and plans to ensure that the Electoral Commission has the necessary tools and programs to effectively implement ROPAL durign the 2012 elections.

As we observe this election from our different foreign post, let us perform an intellectual dress-rehearsal of ROPAA. Let us use this opportunity to propose how each of us would have liked to see ROPAA executed, identify potential potholes.

At the end of this discussion, all valid points and proposals will be documented in a white paper and submitted to the EC.

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