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09.10.2008 Social News

MPs eulogize Peter Ala Adjetey

By The Statesman

Members of Parliament have paid a tribute to the late Speaker of Parliament Peter Ala Adjetey, saying that he was a strongly willed person who worked hard to deepen Ghana's democracy.

They are therefore calling for a speed-up of the constitutional reform which he championed, in his honour.

According to them, since the former Speaker was in the fore front of constitutional reform, it would be a step in the right direction to work hard to ensure that that entire he stood for and worked assiduously for, was achieved.

The MPs made these statements as part of their contributions to a tribute made on the floor of the House by Deputy Majority Leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu.

Majority Leader, Abraham Ossei-Aidooh, said Ala Adjetey was an ardent believer in the rule of law.

Minority Leader, Alban Bagbin: "He was impartial and tried as much as possible to stick to the procedure of the House.'

Kojo Armah (CPP, Evalue Gwira) said, 'He was a hardworking lawyer who many looked up to. Mr Speaker, though I never had the opportunity to work with the former Speaker in the House, I studied him from afar as a statesman, Lawyer and Speaker. He was knowledgeable and both young and old lawyers from the Bar admired him'.

Hackman Owusu-Agyemang (NPP, New Juaben North) said he admired the former Speaker's sense of purposefulness with which he approached every task. 'He was resourceful, and helped the NPP to achieve many of their goals, both in opposition and when we came to power'.

Alhassan Malik Yakubu, (NPP, Yendi): 'He was very humble because he came from a humble background, was very forward and down-to-earth and gave good judgment during his rulings which was often accepted by all parties in this House.'

Christine Churcher, (NPP, Cape Coast): 'He was not only principled, but very understanding and brave and often stood for what he believed in and was not afraid to make his point.

She said the late Speaker appreciated people who did the right things and encouraged them to do more. 'Though death will always come, it's important for us to ensure that no matter how short we live, we must leave behind a legacy that will go on for many years after we are gone', she opined. 

The maker of the tribute indicated that 'Peter introduced discipline, management and time-management and time-consciousness to a House that had hitherto not been known to keep to its own schedule.'

'To enable Peter to commence business at exactly 10 o'clock in the forenoon he and his entourage often trooped into the Chamber a few minutes before the hour. His strength of character was unquestionable. He did not mince words. He said what he believed was right or represented the truth in the manner in which he deemed fit, not at all concerned about whether or not what he said gained him favour' he further added.


Peter Ala Adjetey, who died a couple of months ago, is to be given a state burial this Friday.