20.02.2008 Feature Article

International CPP Forum to Sponsor Branches

International CPP Forum to Sponsor Branches
20.02.2008 LISTEN

Fellow countrymen, we have realised that, just as our strength lies in a unified policy and action for progress and development of Ghana, so lay the strength of the opponents in our disunity. “Unless we meet this obvious and very powerful threat with a unified African front, based upon a common economic and defence policy, the strategy will be to pick us off and destroy us one by one”. The political discontent, the tribal wars, the military coups, the corruption, the poverty, the sickness in Ghana and in Africa, as a whole point to this...

From these historical facts, the executive committee of the International Convention People's Party Forum, Germany (ICPPF) is delighted to announce its commitment to sponsor the establishment of any CPP branch worldwide. Just as the founding fathers of our party defeated the UP and NLM with sound organisation so must we put our faith in good organisation to ensure that we defeat the opponents. At the moment Ghana is not properly organised and this has contributed to all of our woes. It is about time for us in the Diaspora to put our house in order.

Having said this; we are humbly requesting our distinguished Ghanaian brothers and sister's worldwide to lend us their ears. Today our motherland seems to be like sheep without Shepherd. Our nation Ghana is in despair. We Ghanaians in the Diaspora are being treated with impunity.
Our presence is only realised when we are seen as social security for our families back home. Our wisdom and knowledge are not valued, our voices are not needed. We play no part in our countries political and social decisions. We are treated as foreigners, and not as Ghanaians. We are treated like cows. What is needed out of us, is our milk and our meat. Who cares about what type of milk and the meat we provide for our country? Who cares about our daily lives in the foreign land? Who cares about what nutrients we need to eat in order to produce the good milk and meat we provide for their consumption?

Fellow countrymen, we believe that the time has come, and we the members of this forum are ready for the battle ahead. We shall prove to our weak leaders, that we are grown enough to read through the lines. We are now organising our Ghanaian brothers and sisters worldwide to prove to our brothers and sisters at home that it is not over yet. We shall prove to the world that with our 50 years in political and social bondage, we have acquired enough wisdom, knowledge and strength to redeem our people once again from the political, social and religious bondage. We are therefore calling upon all those sisters and brothers out there to wake-up and help us in this crusade by establishing CPP branches wherever they may find themselves. Once this is done and they will surely have our unreserved sponsorship. God bless you all. God bless our motherland.

Supporters and prospective individuals seeking to join, can contact the secretariat for further information. Home address: CPP Germany, Morse Street 5. 40215 Dusseldorf. Tel: 0049-211-3849790 or 0049-162-3524741. [email protected]

Comrades, it is necessary for us to identify our selves at this initial stage as:

Mr. Prince Aidoo-Germany ([email protected])
Dr. Kenneth Yanney-UK ([email protected])