18.01.2008 Feature Article

International Convention People’s Party Forum (ICPPF)Calls on the “Big Six” to demand Justice for the Youth.

International Convention Peoples Party Forum ICPPFCalls on the Big Six to demand Justice for the Youth.
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Motto: “Serve Ghana Now”

Fellow countrymen, as the aim of CPP lies in unity, a unified purpose, policy and action for progress and the development of Ghana, so lay the strength of the un-progressive forces in our disunity. “Unless we find a solution to this obvious and very powerful threat i.e. dis-unity with a united front and a proper policy for the development of our country, the strategy of the un-progressive forces will be to pick us off and destroy us one by one”. The political discontent since 24th February 1966, the tribal dispute, the military coups, the corruption, the poverty, the sickness in Ghana today, is a testimony of our incapability to develop our country in love, Peace and in unity.

Against the above background, I am privileged on behalf of my colleagues call upon:

1. Dr. Kwesi Nduom,
2. Prof., Agyeman Badu Akosa,
3. Dr. Kwaku Osafo,
4. Dr. F. W.K Akufu
5. Lawyer Bright Akwetey
6. George Opeisika Aggudey

which we name in our history as the “BIG SIX” and the rank and files of the Convention People's Party to stand up firmly and defend the plight of our youth and call for justice for the people of this country come 2008 as the other unforgettable “Big Six” called for our independence. They have a mission to accomplish in our country.

As said, the whole world is aware of the vision and works of the former “Big Six” in Ghana. And that is: “The Liberation of Ghana from the colonial rule”. The on finished work is the total uprooting of neo-colonialism” thoughts” from Ghanaian leaders so that we can match forward for the total emancipation of our country.

It is therefore our hope that Dr. Kwesi Ndoum, Prof., Akosa, Dr. Kwesi Nduom, Prof., Agyeman Badu Akosa, Dr. Kwaku Osafo, Dr. F. W.K Akufu, Lawyer Bright Akwetey and George Opeisika Aggudey will form the 6 (six) pillars of CPP to Lead the CPP tradition. For the first time after 1996, has such dedicated men showed that they are men without blemish, men with charisma, men who hates injustice, men who hates corruption, men with compassion for their country and prepared to work hand-in hand with Dr. Nduom to finish the job.

We the members of International Convention People's Party Forum, hope that they made a good decision by dedicating themselves for this battle ahead.

In reference to what Mr. Ladi Nylander, Chairman of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) said recently in an interview, which states:

“Now that now that the CPP had had its congress and elected its leaders, the greatest battle was the 2008 presidential and general election”.
"Now there seems to be confidence in the new leadership and we are confident they will give us the needed resources because these will be put to good use”
"I have no doubt that we will succeed with dedication and commitment".

In an exclusive communication with Dr. Kwesi Nduom, this is what he assured ICPPF leaders:

“As I promised after the Congress, I will make the CPP proud in 2008. I will raise funds for our Parliamentary Candidates and work with everyone - aspirants, contestants for executive positions and all members in a united effort to win”
Unlike some, I believe the CPP can win in 2008 IF we work hard as an underdog determined to scale the highest mountain”

That is a promise. We congratulate Dr.Kwesi Nduom for accepting this challenge in such a difficult moment and his readiness to work with his counterparts. We will take them by their words. We the executives of International Convention People's Party Forum will like to assure the “BIG SIX”: Dr. Kwesi Ndoum, Prof., Akosa, Dr. Kwesi Nduom, Prof., Agyeman Badu Akosa, Dr. Kwaku Osafo, Dr. F. W.K Akufu, Lawyer Bright Akwetey and George Opeisika Aggudey and other executives, that we will give them our unreserved support when it comes to taken policy decision needed for development in areas like; policies on agriculture, education, science and technology, administration, religion, culture, law, politics, medicine, trade, economy, infrastructure, etc. with the help of our Diaspora expertise. ICPPF members are out there to help them help Ghana. Unity among them has now begun.

May God bless and protect them with their friends, and families. Good-luck. May God bless Ghana our motherland?

Serve Ghana Now

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On behalf of ICPPF executives and members,

Organizers-ICPPF- Secretariat

Mr. Prince Aidoo-Germany ([email protected])
Mr. Kenneth Yanney-UK ([email protected])
Mr. Kwadwo Lartey Festus ([email protected]) Norway