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31.05.2007 General News

8 students barred from writing exams

By Daily Graphic
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Eight final year students of the Jasikan College of Profession in the Jasikan District in the Volta Region were prevented from taking part in the just ended General Business Certificate Examination at the Hohoe St Agatha Commercial Centre.

The victims, all females who had duly registered for the examination were stopped by their Principal, Eric Adom from taking the examination because they owed fees.

The principal was alleged to have given the names of the eight girls to the invigilators and asked that they be turned away when they reported for the exams.

Some of the affected students said when they presented their identity cards to take their seats in the hall, they were asked to go away.

They broke sown in tears, shouting and making a lot of noise, but the policeman on duty asked them to leave the exams centre.

A parent who narrated the ordeal of the candidates said he felt very disappointed at the action of the headmaster for jeopardizing the future of the children.

He said they could not pay the fees because the time for payment was very short.

Other parents interviewed also expressed their disgust and frustration at the decision of the headmaster.

According to them, he should have allowed the students to take the exams and seize their certificates until they paid their fees.

But the principal said he was forced to use that method because all efforts to get the parents to pay the bills but they failed.

He noted that the eight students owed the school 7.8 million cedis, while he needed the money to run the school and pay teachers.

Source: Daily Graphic