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31.05.2007 General News

Headmaster disciplines female students in the bathhouse


The Nkwanta District Directorate of the Ghana Education Service (GES) is to investigate allegations that the Headmaster of the Nkwanta Secondary School entered the girl's bathhouse and whipped some students while they bathed.

Fifteen final year female students have lodged a complaint at the GES Office at Nkwanta that Sebastian Kutorb, the Headmaster, last Thursday entered their bathhouse and gave them between six and 12 lashes each.

A student source said that the students were among some final year students who returned to their dormitories at dawn after studies in their classrooms.

She said while having their bath Mr Kutorb entered the bathhouse and went back without saying anything.

The source said while the agitated students scampered to cover themselves they heard Mr Kutorb shouting out to a teacher for a cane and charged on them with it leaving some with blisters on their forearms, calves, backs and palms.

When contacted Mr Kutorb said the students who were supposed to be attending a house meeting were being disciplined.

He said the students were exaggerating what happened but confirmed that those among them who received blisters were treated at the school infirmary.

Mr Kutorb complained; "final year students would always not want to respect school regulations."

Source: GNA