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31.05.2007 General News

Provide 10 HIV patients and I'll cure them- Director


Nicholas Antwi, the Director of the Chronic Diseases and HIV/AIDS Treatment Centre at Kubease near Ejisu, has said it was unacceptable that scientists, especially in the developed countries have still not discovered a cure for the pandemic.

He said it was ironic that HIV/AIDS continued to claim lives despite the increasing technological advancement the world over and appealed to African leaders to join efforts to find a lasting solution to the menace since Africans were the worst victims of the disease.

Mr Antwi, who claims to have discovered cure for the disease, was speaking to newsmen at Kubease in the Ejisu-Juaben District on Monday.

He claimed he had so far treated between 70 and 80 patients in the last five years and that about 70 patients were on his treatment roll.

Asked why it had taken him so long to make the discovery public, Mr Antwi said efforts to make the drugs available at some major health facilities over the years had been thwarted by authorities who insisted on the disclosure of his formula for producing the drug.

Mr Antwi said as much as he was willing to present the drug for the treatment of the disease, under no circumstance would he disclose the formula for production.

In order to erase all doubts on the efficacy and potency of his drug, Mr Antwi challenged the government to provide 10 HIV positive patients for him to treat within two and half months.

He said though he had a gadget for diagnosing the disease, he always insisted patients brought report from credible health institutions confirming they were positive before treating them.

He welcomed a partnership with non-governmental organisations who would provide trainees and outlets to enable him open branches across the country to reach more people.

"Under such partnership, I will only equip the trainees on how to administer the drug to the patients but not its preparation", he said.

Mr Antwi maintained that he had no intention to throw dust into public's eye but to save lives, saying, he had his reputation to protect.

"It is obvious people will doubt my capabilities but the ball is in the court of stakeholders leading the crusade against the disease", he said.

Source: GNA