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Sunyani Area NEDCo chase customers for outstanding debts 

  Mon, 24 Jun 2024
Sunyani Area NEDCo chase customers for outstanding debts 

The Sunyani Area of the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) has initiated phase five of its Revenue Mobilization Exercise in pursuit of customers with outstanding debts totaling about Gh¢300,000 million.

Commencing on Monday, June 24, 2024, two teams of NEDCo officials were dispatched to Dormaa Municipality and Nkrankwanta in the Dormaa West District to start the exercise.

During a media briefing in Sunyani, Mr. Eugene Odoi Addo, the Sunyani Area Manager of NEDCo, disclosed that both government agencies and the public collectively owe around Gh¢290,000 million.

He said when factoring in a station in the Ashanti region under their jurisdiction, the total debt amounts to approximately Gh¢300,000 million, a figure deemed excessively high.

Mr. Addo stated that phase five would also place significant emphasis on loss control, targeting individuals engaged in power theft and unauthorized power consumption, with legal action taken against offenders to curb such practices.

He said the objective of this initiative was to reduce the rate of loss control within the operational area, saying statistics indicated a rise in loss control from 18-19 percent over the past two years, but currently were recording 26 percent.

He said failure to address the issue promptly may lead to further escalation beyond manageable levels.

Mr Addo reiterated that the impact of the revenue mobilization exercise in its long-term benefits would ensure that customers become more diligent in settling their bills.

 He urged customers to prioritize timely payments upon receiving their bills to ensure the sustainability of the system.


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