Amsterdam South East Neighborhood Transition Hub Graced by high Powerful Dignitaries

  Wed, 22 May 2024
Diaspora (Netherlands) Amsterdam South East Neighborhood Transition Hub Graced by high Powerful Dignitaries

Amsterdam, May 22 – The grand opening of the Kraaiennest Neighborhood Transition Hub, known as the K-Buurt of Amsterdam Southeast took place on April 18th 2024. It was attended by dignitaries including the Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana to the Netherlands H.E Mr. Francis Kotia, and the Ambassador of Suriname H.E Rajendre Khargi, Deputy Mayor of city of Amsterdam Marjolein Moorman together with the CEO of Women Empowerment Zuidoost Ms Veronica Akyaa and Mr Mike Brantjes Director of the Stitching Hart Voor de Kbuurt, Some representatives of businesses such as Daniel Hofman ServiceNow's Area Vice President of the Netherlands, Community leaders and Team members of the K-Buurt in the persons of Mr George Owusu, City counselor for Amsterdam Southeast, Maartje van Meeteren Royal Haskoning DHV Director of RD&I Mrs Maike Sabajo, President of Hart Voor de Kbuurt Foundation Mr Aniel Nazarali, Coordinator of WijkTransitieHub Mr Martin Berendse, President of Public Library Organization (Oba) Amsterdam helped cut the ribbon for the occasion.

The participation of both local and international figures highlights the significance of event to the transformation agenda of the K-Buurt.

The Hub aims to transform the community through provision of services to address issues such as energy transition and sustainability challenges, providing a central location for residents to access resources and support to promote insulation, energy-saving, recycling, and overall sustainability among other things, within the Kraaiennest community.

To effectively engage with the community and fulfill the Center's objectives, the Hub will undertake the following activities:

  • Education and Workshops: Offer regular workshops and educational sessions on insulation techniques, energy-saving tips, recycling best practices, and other sustainability topics. Encourage residents to participate and share their knowledge and experiences.
  • Handyman Brigade: Establish a team of skilled volunteers or professionals who can provide hands-on assistance with insulation projects, minor repairs, and energy-efficient upgrades in residents' homes.
  • Resource Library: Create a resource library with books, manuals, and online resources related to insulation, energy efficiency, recycling, and sustainability. This can serve as a valuable reference material for residents looking to learn more.
  • Community Exchange Program: Facilitate a community exchange program where residents can swap or donate items like insulation materials, energy-efficient appliances, and reusable household items. This encourages resource sharing and reduction of waste.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Collaborate with local businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions to expand the center's reach and impact. This will involve joint initiatives, funding opportunities, and sharing of expertise. Overall, the Neighborhood Transition Hub has the potential to become a vibrant hub of activity and innovation, empowering residents to take action towards a more sustainable future.

Congratulations to the stakeholders of this project. Keep up the great work for the benefit of humanity.

Below are photos of the Occasion