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How To Get Free Money In America

By Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr
How To Get Free Money In America
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To all the beautiful ladies in America who are struggling to make ends meet, the easiest way to solve all your financial problems is to check yourself, at least, 50 metres in close proximity to Trump and bingo you are a multimillionaire. Currently, the best place to rendezvous with Trump is, perhaps, at a UFC championship bout, because he loves the game. Also, any girl anywhere in the world can try her luck, because the American southern border is wide open for entry including drug dealers sex traffickers, murderers, and terrorists are all welcome. All that you have to do is to accuse Trump of rape. The American media will believe you and lie for you like they lied about the covid vaccine, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Russiagate and the so-called J6 insurrection organised by the Democrats. Even the intelligence services will vouch for you. The American justice system will believe you. You don’t even need the Democrats; you will have a Republican like Liz Cheney as your mouthpiece and get your case heard by a Trump hating judge who will believe any ridiculous accusation your little two-pound brain can conjure.

My introduction sounds satirical, but this is what the American justice system has been reduced to. The current president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, summed it up without equivocation: the United States has lost its ability to lecture any other country about democracy. It is beyond farce to think about what the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, is doing to Trump. It is a joke to prosecute somebody without a victim.

Personally, I think the E Jean Carroll case is more of an insult to all the rape victims of the past, present and the future. This lunatic lady who claims Trump raped her cannot even zero in the year. It is reported that the supposed rape took place in late 1995 or early 1996. No woman will ever forget that experience if it really did happen. This anomaly should have been the basis to throw the case out of the courtroom. The best defence in any rape case is the proof of an alibi and Trump cannot offer one, because there is no specific date and this was accepted in an American courtroom – the so-called home of lady liberty. Her 2019 interview with Anderson Cooper, when she first made the allegation in her book, is all that any person, let alone, a judge with a functioning brain should see to make a determination against the case being heard by a jury. It is sad and shameful what the Democrats are doing to the American judicial system. Using the courts to target their political opponents. This is the stuff of Third World politics and I am proud to say this will not even happen in Ghana. Though we practise bread and butter politics, this evil and open childish weaponisation of the courts is beneath Ghanaian politics. I remember when that stupid lily-livered Barack Obama came to Ghana preaching to us that what the country needs is strong institutions, then he turned around to destroy the very one that used to be the envy of the world. If anyone cares to know, the judge in Carroll’s case, Kaplan, was appointed by him. They hate Trump so much that they are willing to destroy the American justice system to get to him. And this is why I call Barack Obama stupid, because when the laws of America are destroyed, what stops any lunatic Republican DA from bringing cooked up charges against him, and there are many. The death of his personal chef could be a start off point.

Someone will be asking why am I so interested in American politics rather than Ghana. The Answer is simple. I am engrossed in American politics because I love Ghana and I don’t want where our bread is buttered to be destroyed. There is a cliche that when America sneezes the world catches cold. America is the crankshaft of the world economy. Many hate that fact, but when it is pushing on all cylinders, the energy is evenly distributed, and we get a fair share of the cake without sweat. Therefore, it is in everyone's interest to see America prosper. I am sure the majority will disagree with me on this one. I quite remember some Ghanaians celebrating when the Democrats openly stole the 2020 election through stuffing ballot boxes with the help of the fake legacy media and the corrupt American judicial system. I wouldn't have been worried if they were all NDC fanatics, but it included stalwart NPP members too. Their reason for not being critical of the electoral shenanigan in America was, according to them, Trump is racist, which is questionable. So, they were happy for him to be cheated by a corrupt, lying, cheating career politician who is a million times racist than Trump. Those uncritical Ghanaians had eggs on their faces with Biden’s first action in office. He quickly stopped the Keystone pipeline project. As a result, the prices of Brent crude started to creep up. It is condescending to introduce the fact that the price of energy is what determines everything.

By December, 2020, the Cedi exchange rate to the pound was around GHc8. Within two years, it shot up to almost GHc16 in line with the rise in crude oil prices on the world market. Most Ghanaians thought and still think it is the fault of Nana Addo’s government. Here in England, energy bills almost doubled, which affected everything. Union members are still fighting for the appropriate remuneration to make up for the inflationary destruction of their purchasing power. Inflation reached an eye watering double digits of 15% according to ONS, which I believe was way more than that, due to the way it is calculated. The foolish Biden surrogates blamed the almost worldwide inflation, with the exception of a few anomalies such as China due to a slump in demand after covid, on the Ukraine war and the disruption in grain supplies. They forget that the inflation started long before the Ukraine war. A country like France did not suffer much because most of her domestic energy usage comes from nuclear power. This single inflationary trend, sprung on the world by Joe Biden, has destroyed the Ghana economy, which has been building up sturdily since 2017. If Trump had stayed in power the destructive inflation of 2021, 2022 and 2023 would not have happened, because Trump wouldn't have pursued the foolishness squared green policies of Biden, which was instrumental to the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline project. They claimed Trump was dangerous and he would start a world war and it’s rather the professional politician, the so-called big boy, who has plunged the world into wars.

Yet, they still claim Trump is dangerous and should not be allowed anywhere near the White House, and they are pulling every available lever, including dirty tricks, to effect it. If Biden genuinely defeated this man in 2020 with eighty-one million votes, why are they convinced that the only way now is to take him off the ballot or imprison him. What are they afraid of? YouTube for a very long time took down any clip that suggested that Biden won by fraudulent means. The Democrats can say that Trump cheated in 2016, but a Republican cannot say 2020 was stolen. The American legacy media, FBI, CIA and bigtech wiped the slate clean for Biden, yet could not win without cheating.

The left has succeeded in controlling American levers of power and that is why I am worried. Because everything the left touches turns to dust. America is turning into dust, and I am afraid for my country Ghana. I don’t care if America goes down, but the tsunami it will create if it should happen, will submerge everyone including Ghana. When the Roman empire fell, it took a thousand years for the living standards in Europe to reach the level before the fall of Rome. It might not take a thousand years for the world to recover if America falls, but even if it lasts for two generations the suffering will be incalculable.

The only hope for America is that they are all not as crazy and demented as this E Jean Carroll, Rachel Maddow with her MSNBC echo chamber viewers, and all the legacy media hosts who believe men can be women and women can be men. Well, the earth revolves around the Sun, not the other way round.

Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr
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