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13.03.2007 General News

Ghanaian gays to meet Kufuor

By mjol

Ghanaian gays in the United Kingdom are planning to meet President Kufuor in a bid to get the government to amend the country's laws banning homosexuality.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News, Australian gay campaigner resident in the U.K, Peter Tatchell, disclosed that the Ghanaian gay community is concerned by the attitude of government's intolerance for gay rights, which he says are human rights.

The issue of gay rights came up in September last year following reports of an intended international gay conference in Accra. The conference never took place but stirred a debate and attracted condemnation from the public and religious groups.

Tatchell, who had initially threatened to lead a gay demonstration during President Kufuor's visit, said he has backed down on his threat.