11.04.2023 Feature Article

Are These The Same People That Landed Man On The Moon?

Are These The Same People That Landed Man On The Moon?
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There are quite a few countries that committed suicide by the ballot, for example, Sweden in 1932 at the height of the Great Depression and Britain in 1945 just after WWII. Well, it is sometimes the inevitable by-product of democracy. But America is committing suicide courtesy of chicanery, theft, delusion and the hate of a single individual, which most of the haters cannot even specify one single reason why they do.

From the very moment Trump came down the golden escalator, a campaign of vilification, incomparable in history, has been waged by the media, and later bankrolled by the silver tongue lies of Hillary Clinton and lapped up by her willing corrupt FBI friends, besides very respectable people lying to themselves and the whole world just to tarnish the name of someone whose only crime is running for political office. If this can happen in America you can imagine what happens in places like China and Russia. Well, the Russians poison their opponents with polonium radiation in a hotel bar, Litvinenko, and the Chinese imprison their own like Liu Shaoqi dying painfully in a prison cell. Anyway, let me limit myself to America.

What happened on the 4th of April in a Manhattan district court should never have happened. One of the best thinkers that America has ever produced – Thomas Sowell – has been sounding the alarm bells for sometime now. Initially I thought of him to be too pessimistic. It appears I was too optimistic. How in the name of God can a district attorney indict someone, let alone a former president, without stating or specifying the crime he has committed. Just after the 2020 American election, I wrote a piece entitled, ‘Is America Officially A Third World Country?’ due to the shambolic nature in which the election was organised. A country that put a man on the moon couldn't count ballot papers on the night of the election even with the help of computers. Britain still organises their election the old fashion way and everything is decided the very night of the election. In the American 2020 presidential election, cameras captured poll workers clandestinely counting ballot papers stuffed in suitcases when the Republican poll workers had been hoodwinked to retire for the night in Georgia. When the lawyers of Trump challenged the results in court, the legacy media, including the BBC that has become a cheap mouthpiece of the left, developed their own creative narrative against Trump supporters that all the cases were thrown out of court without putting a real journalist to investigate the truth. Yes, they were thrown out by judges with political colours like Alvin Bragg who campaigned on the slogan to get Trump. And people who call themselves professional journalists espoused this travesty with straight faces. It was a complete mockery of English jurisprudence.

I must lift my hat for the legacy media, because they have done a very successful job of brainwashing half of the American population into believing that Trump is the twin brother of Hitler, while they suck up to the unimaginably corrupt Joe Biden who has destroyed their once vibrant economy under Trump. His approach to the global warming lunacy has led to a living standard crisis around the world. Inflation is out of control while chopping up the rest of the country and selling it downstream to the highest bidder. A president who cannot see to the smooth withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan – leaving behind troops and military hardware to the value $85 billion. This is Third World country incompetence and the American media is fawning over this bumbling senile, because of their hatred for Trump. And to cover his incompetence he sends a hitman, Matthew Colangelo, to Alvin Bragg’s office to revive a misdemeanour into a felony. This is a case in which Bragg himself looked at it initially and concluded that it had no merit. It has finally been resurrected for the optics; just to humiliate a man who brought black unemployment to its lowest rate for 50 years, bringing manufacturing jobs back to America – a feat Obama said could not be done, besides greater prosperity across the board.

Black America hates this man because the corrupt legacy media, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, CBS, ABC etc have told them that he is racist. Besides, quite a substantial number of Africans have drunk this kool aid and celebrated when the Democrats stole the election from him. My question is has Biden solved their economic problems or his actions have made it worse with the rampant inflation in addition to threatening them to accept LGBTQ++ rights.

America has become a laughing stock under the Democrats, reinforcing my claim that whatever the left touches they destroy. What is the difference between what Mugabe did to his opponents and what Biden is doing to Trump. America is now a de facto Third World country, which is not a problem, but my fear is they have nuclear arsenals. For those useful idiots who seem to have lost their thinking faculty and cheering Biden on for this travesty should be reminded of what happened to Maximilien Robespierre and Liu Shaoqi. So, let me advise them with all humility that they are riding a huge monster and they will all end up in its belly. The woke and the climate change revolution that has gripped the country will bring to life Jacques Mallet du Pan saying that like Saturn the revolution devours its children.

Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr
[email protected]