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30.07.2005 Feature Article

Principles Centered Leadership

Principles Centered Leadership
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It is an undeniable fact that Ghana has been unmade by leadership. Hero leadership has taken the place of principles leadership. Consequently people, who have led the country or managed an institution at one time, have ended up as despots. In Ghana, people will love to associate with Nkrumah, Danquah-Busia and lately Rawlings or some old politician, director or academician before they will be accepted. It is undisputed that these men were leaders in one way or the other; however, their strength as leaders laid in the power of their personalities and did not bequeath any rich or thriving principle to guide succeeding generations or posterity. Though the mentioning of their names stir euphoria, it is just that. The principles on which they served the motherland if indeed they served Ghana or what they bequeathed to posterity to live by or guided by as Ghanaians are non existent. Unfortunately, the relations or associates of such people are equally seen in the limelight of their ancestors as leaders. We have had another evil of putting people into leadership just because they are intellectuals or brilliant.

The strength of good leaders lies more in the soundness of their principles than in the power of their personality. The principles by which such leaders lead are unrestricted to all in the setup and even outsiders who care to know. Accountability and productivity are not paid lip service by such, but are readily accessible and tangible. Fairness in policies and the common good of all are envisaged in every enterprise of good leaders. Good leaders work towards eliminating outdated laws and practices, embracing criticisms as a weapon for progress and accepting and implementing contributions from others for development. Good leaders build relationships in their leadership role rather than victimize some of the people they lead. The good leader sets to build or serve his generation on sound principles, ever leading and directing the followers to the principles. The good leader will always rise to the greatness of his/her opportunities, bequeathing to posterity the reputation of progressive and ever improving institution or nation.

There is the urgent need to move towards principles centered leadership in Ghana. Thanks for the contributions of the past leaders, in this era of our nation building; the personality centered leadership must give way to principles centered leadership. Principles which are good for the present, principles that can be challenged in courts, principles on which posterity may refine to serve their generation. People will have to be put in leadership on clear principles, what they will require us or posterity to assess or measure their term of service, which can be challenged in the courts. We have had enough of talking and know it all non-performers, let us now begin to look for genuine performers, who would have raised a foundation for others to build on or stir up the mind of others to noble heights. As a people, lets now clamour for leaders with clear cut principles, who will be ready to contest their promises and outputs in court if need be. We no longer need more hero worship leadership, to build systems around individuals, but that all our institutions and nation be built on principles for the growth of Ghana.

There are a lot of good material around, in terms of leadership on principles, Professor Frimpong Boateng of Korle-Bu, Professor Andham of KNUST and lots of others that have proven results in their outfits, not in designations but quantifiable good to the people of Ghana. As ever watching and interrogative Ghanaians, let us keep them virtuous whilst they serve their term of office. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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