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23.07.2005 Feature Article

Leadership for the 21st century (AILPS)

Leadership for the 21st century (AILPS)
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Leadership for the 21st century is about:

-Assisting others

-Inspiring others

-Leading others

-Providing opportunities for others

-Serving others.

Leadership for the 21st will have to be different, the greed, tyrannical and self-centered leadership of the past centuries will have to pave way for the AILPS style of leadership. Most past and present leaders have not only visited woes upon mankind in various forms but have made many to recoil from fellows and others to become vengeful in reaction to society. The varying daily ranting and evils across the globe are reminiscent of the leaders who have led such people and continue to hold power. It is interesting how such leaders tend to spend on security after their deeds. Many of such leaders fill very insecure, and use from expensive sophisticated security systems at the workplace, through very high walls at residence to massive expenditure in security personnel and equipment nationwide; they live the proverb that “the wicked flee when no one pursues them”. The truth is you can run as a leader from the moral and legal issues of the day, but not from your conscience. It rests on this generation to re-invent the leaders for this century and beyond for the common good of all.

Leaders for this 21st century will have to be individuals eager in assisting others achieve noble pursuits in their endeavors. Thus you may expect good leadership in someone that has the eagerness and willingness to offer whatever possible assistance within the constraints of existing civil, legal and moral obligations to others. Such leaders identify with the people and actively and practically aid to solve issues and not only pay lip service or stand and stare.

Leaders for the century will also need be people who will be inspiring others into heights beyond their dreams. No one enjoys much the company of a critic, though criticisms are helpful, however, in the presence of an inspirer, one is likely to go beyond ones own strength and estimation. Thus individuals who show the way in doing and achieving commendable results are capable of inspiring others to perform better than the present; they actually provoke their subordinates to excel.

Leaders for this century will also have to be people who set the pace for others to follow or lead others into tangible positive results. If an individuals output within the framework of pursuit are measurable for the development of the setup and the good of all, then in the one lies a seed of leadership. Such a one has the instinct to alter the defunct status quo, mete out a yardstick for all to follow and break new grounds for growth.

Leadership for the 21st century is about providing opportunities for others, especially the under trodden, voiceless and young generation. People who think beyond themselves and provide the framework and necessary support for generations (not only offspring and close associates) behind are real assets. Such individuals ensure the sustenance and growth of structures they have benefited from, judicious use of available resources, whilst practically contributing and projecting towards the future. They even work to promote systems they never enjoyed or will ever benefit from, and have the common good of all above the personal parochial interest. Anyone whose greatest joy is in having contributed in one way or the other to the success/improvements of others is a great leader in disguise.

Finally leaders for this century and beyond will have to be people who are delighted at every opportunity to serve others. In whatever form, whoever takes pleasure in serving others have the potential to offer exemplary leadership, unlike many who want to boss over others. Serving-people obtain satisfaction on having others satisfied and things well done for the good of all. The real truth is that as one serves more people faithfully, one invariably creates more wealth in substance.

This century is in need of selfless and humble leaders, who seek the wealth and welfare of others. My dear reader, I will request you take time to reflect on how you are faring in these traits not even as a leader, for your performance in these little things lies your greatest contribution to humanity. In the home, school, workplace, community and nation your excellence in the above traits offer hope to this generation and beyond. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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