02.05.2022 Feature Article

UK Confirms the Sexual Idols of Many Africans may be Worse?

UK Confirms the Sexual Idols of Many Africans may be Worse?
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A whooping number of UK's house of commons (parliament) are sexually guilty or sexual liars? About fifty-nine MPs are said to be under sexual investigation, meaning one to over fifty-nine culprits, victims, liars, or over sensitive complainants? Leaders are thumbnail pictures of society and whoever named it 'house of common' likely knew the deeper meaning of 'commonality'. If the most trusted/elected folks are guilty, those who trust them could be similarly guilty. Meaning millions of sexual issues are in and beyond UK's work places. Since many Africans worship the portrayed image of whites and western love life, then you may assume is the 'immigrant' MPs who are committing or spreading the disease of sexual misconduct? Next time you are wronged, please do not say 'African men!', 'African women!', it is not exclusive to us, or we should send you to the Whites, Arabs, etc until you learn the hard way. If the female MPs cannot help themselves, you can illusorily count on them or accept my suggestion of special education and culture of cameras to solve beyond many sexual problems. Unfortunately, many guilty women oppose the great blessing of cameras, except for pornography, beauty competitions, and other ways of mesmerizing men?

Since the fractional report only mentioned the number of investigated MPs, not the number of complainants, we must pray not 59 women are angry? Was it just one to five super beautiful MPs or secretary whom UK refuse to send to me to marry, so 59 married MPs want to hit on her/them? The sexual investigation report also failed to mention the nature of complaints, but I hope that will come in due time.

Considering the nasty partisanship of many western politics, we hope few female labour MPs are not falsely accusing the conservatives or the reverse. Beside possibilities, there is indeed the probabilities of wrongs, but evidence should always be pursued, not just claims. If they can berate each other with lies under camera, we must recommend body cameras beyond MPs or lying without cameras is nothing to many politicians and some angry women. Costing us beyond money, gender social fights,and other ills. This is not just to help female MPs, but I truly believe fighting sexual wrongs help men more, considering the harsh punishment of God some may laugh at.

The nature of wrongs may likely vary, and it may include illusory misinterpretations or tolerable wrongs. While campaigning, Mr. Barack Obama called a female journalist 'baby' with less likely any sexual interest and was condemned to apologise. So his type may call Kamala Harris or Sarah Palin: 'Baby you looking hot in that skirt' and which judge/senator will say 'that is unacceptable'? On their countless 'beer summits' or 'party gates' , a drunk man may rub on her butt or a drunk woman will claim 'Biden was smelling my hair', or padding me so gently and the marijuana or alcohol made me wonder his touch may be better than my husband's? Was it straight asking between singles or were married folks involved?

Again, details are lacking so far, but we have the obligation to learn to influence a very detail report. Also what mechanisms to implement in other parliaments around the world and all work places, because other women deserve certain rights. If you cannot make laws to force workplaces to embrace culture of cameras, then at least make laws to allow employees to have body cameras and recommend it. The workplace is a public place and demands public responsibility, not illusory 'privacy'. Men must also push for such and buy body cameras, but never quickly release footages. Test her, the media, and may be even the judges in similar or better ways than Johnny Deep and Amber Heard. She is likely to be trusted than you, and mere accusation may destroy you in many ways, without trial and even if acquitted. She is the more trusted gender and some of them abuse that. Just like the western world is the falsely trusted place and God (truth) is exposing their propaganda image?

A married MP watching porn any where is sad and now resigning? Some say it is shameful, but may be it is pitiful. What kind of a poor service at home will lead one to pay for 'no service'? Even 'free porn' is paid with valuable time, and I rather spend that time on the beach, with marijuana, or remembering God? Now they may claim marijuana will destroy our pornography industry and end abusing of men? They say I have no right to assume the wife is among the millions of married women who deny sex to their husbands for weeks or months, then they resort to porn, prostitutes, or cheating? Yes! May be many men need education service, not just sexual service; so if the parents and state did or did not do their job, a smart wife gives refreshment courses in smart ways or the 'shame' may affect her weak children? 'Mummy, what kind of Dad you choose for us'? No! Even prophets had bad spouses and devils had good wives, at least according to the Koran and marijuana that are largely hated in the west, but gradually accepted. It takes only few million truth loving women or men to buy body cameras, protest for it, etc to win the politicians against the guilty men and women. Otherwise , distrust and abuse in the heterosexual world will greatly contribute to more, divorces, LGBTQ and against the children, even from secular perspective.

To the family of the resigning MP, please be better than the Clintons, unless other troubling details exist. Although wrong, compare him to Mr. Clinton, and I respect Ms. Clinton for not choosing divorce. The children can be better than ms. Chelsea Clinton and refuse guilt by association. I condemned the crimes of guilty Muslims and confront the anti-islam folks; I condemned guilty men and smash any man or woman who want to gamble men; I condemned black wrongs until some accuse me of 'self hate', but I fought for blacks than my accusers. I helped/helping white people and the west, so I will not forgive those who falsely accuse me. 'Passing the worse' may mean bad or ok, so I rather strive to be among the best. Like alcohol, Pornography have some good, but the evil outweighs, especially on men. Thus the matriarchal west may guard the industry, but we should try to smartly kill it. Perhaps, we should thank God we no longer watch porn, no longer do known minor sexual assaults, but our responsibility to teach and help is the real gratitude. So how many number of MPs are under sexual investigation in each country and what are your proactive suggestions? Whether or not they accept my culture of cameras calling, May God legalize marijuana worldwide and roll out his cameras of the hearts/minds. Until then, May God curse those who hurt or falsely accuse innocent people and help us not to sin similarly. May we transform and help billions of children and/or adults. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, Let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Author's twitter: jarga_k_Gigo