Lack of common boundary cause of land conflicts between UCC and surrounding communities — Nana Mensah III

Social News Lack of common boundary cause of land conflicts between UCC and surrounding communities — Nana Mensah III
APR 29, 2022 LISTEN

The Odikro of Kwaprow, Nana Kwasi Mensah III has told the University of Cape Coast management to agree on a common boundary between the Kwaprow inhabitants to prevent a recurrent tension.

"Lack of proper boundary demarcation between the Kwaprow community and that of UCC has always been the main source of conflict between them," he stated.

The Odikro narrated that, history reveals that, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah took the lands from Kwaprow, Amamuma, Apewosika and Essuekyir in 1962 with the intention of compensation and resettlement. He added that the lands taken was about 7 miles square but was later reduced to 4.5 miles to establish a West African University.

According to him, the overthrow of Dr. Nkrumah brought the vision to an abrupt end.

He indicated that as it stands, there are no records of any compensation was ever paid nor any resettlement made till now.

Nana Kwasi Mensah underscored the fact that these pieces of land were taken by the first government for the University but, there are no records of any signatory on the part of the community to ascertain the veracity of any compensation paid.

As a result of this, he is proffering two main solutions to curtail the recurrent tensions between the University and the surrounding communities.

"Firstly, the University should sit down with the community to agree on a common boundary to avoid any encroachment on either side. Secondly, the University should resettle the community and have all the pieces of land to itself," he intimated.

Nana Kwasi Mensah III further contended that, even if compensation was paid, the resettlement bit has not been done till now. "Once we're resettled, we shall be ok by that. Since that hasn't been done, where does the university want the inhabitants to stay with its incessant encroachment on their lands?" the Odikro quizzes.

He revealed that, during the era of President Kufuor, a boundary was agreed on but he (Nana Mensah III) cannot fathom why under the administration of the current VC, such protocols aren't being adhered to.

He however shared that, checks at the Land Commission revealed that, all the disputed lands between the University and the surrounding communities were registered in the university's name.

"Situations where some Kwaprow inhabitants would be served with a court summons claiming ownership of portions of some of the Kwaprow lands is akin to terrorising the inhabitants which isn't good and doesn't engender good neighbourliness," Nana Mensah III stressed.

Ever since he was installed as the Kwaprow Odikro about some two months ago, he has made it his priority to find an amicable solution to the protracted land dispute between the University and the Kwaprow community.

"We're all an integral part of the University community and I shall be glad if these proposals I've put forward would be looked at to find a lasting solution to the land issues at Kwaprow," he emphasised.

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