27.03.2004 Feature Article

NDC and Voodoo Politics

NDC and Voodoo Politics
27.03.2004 LISTEN

There is a lot happening in our country that any patriot will be proud of. On March 20, the president successfully hosted ECOWAS Heads of Government Summit during which important regional projects were initiated as part of the NEPAD implementation framework. At last with most civil wars coming to an end, governments in the ECOWAS sub region are now concentrating on development issues.

The announcement that the World Bank's Board of Directors have, within its Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) 2004-2007, approved a whopping US$1.37 billion to support Ghana's Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) could not have come at a better time for the Kufour administration. According to the Bank's Country Director, if all goes well, a huge US$500 million of that amount will be released this financial year to, among other objectives, accelerate economic growth and employment generation; strengthen human development within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); and enhance public sector governance and democratic governance.

The President of the World Bank, Mr. James Wolfensehn, who was in Accra to participate in the ECOWAS Heads of Government Summit, managed to visit a few projects funded with funds accruing from HIPC savings. And he was reported to have commended the Kufour administration for its exemplary performance in the use of HIPC funds to provide social services and infrastructure to various communities across the country, aimed at reducing poverty. Mr. Wolfensehn also praised the government for its quest to achieve peace and stability in the sub region.

There is no question that the Kufour administration is enjoying a great deal of good will. There is a desire to see Ghana move forward. A lot has been done in the last three years to position the country to achieve sustainable economic growth to achieve prosperity and above all, to empower the people and to reduce poverty. It is still too early to gloat, but it is a good record on which to build.

The NDC party does not share these positive trends. The party's propagandists are hard at work to discredit the Kufour administration.

The de factor leader of the party, Mr. J.J. Rawlings, was reported to have rubbished the achievements of the Kufour administration. He even went as far as to uncharitably refer to the president as a “disgrace to the country”. The NDC party strategists must move quickly to put a Velcro on his lips. His analysis of political and economic developments in the country is not steeped in facts. The party loses credibility and respect when its former leader makes wild statements that defy logic and common sense.

According to a recent edition of the Heritage newspaper, the NDC party has apparently prepared a propaganda pamphlet accusing President Kufour of “shedding blood for rituals”. Among other allegations, the sheet alleges, “President Kufour exhumed the bodies of the executed generals for the purpose of using their parts for consulting oracles”. It further insinuates that the Kufour administration had a hand in killing the Ya-Naa and so on.

While the president is working overtime to douse the flames of conflicts, here is a national party that is intentionally putting out false information to score political points. Information that could potentially incite violence and bring chaos to the country. Where are the voices of reason within the NDC?

The NDC ought to know that the vast majority of Ghanaians may not be politically sophisticated, but they are not stupid.

The party can continue to engage in voodoo politics to win brownie points with the rogue elements within its ranks. However, it is hard to believe that telling outright lies will bring them back to the high office of the land.

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