Let us kick against the E-levy...

Feature Article Let us kick against the E-levy...
DEC 24, 2021 LISTEN

Why is this government so much bent on the E-levy? These are very hard times for the average Ghanaian, why is the government bent on taxing us more? Thank God we have a listening Minority in Parliament who are against these taxes just to relieve us a bit of our burdens as a people.

If the Majority in Parliament do not care about our struggles, but only care about satisfying or pleasing the President who condemned the former President John Dramani Mahama for taxing us, then we know they do not truly represent us but their own selfish interests.

Prior to their coming to office, they publicly said on campaign platforms that there are so many creative ways of generating income to govern the country than the simplistic way of just taxing the ordinary hungry people on the street, what has changed now? Now they are in power and even doing worse than the former government.

If you tax Momo users, so many people will lose interest in the service therefore making things even more difficult because it really helps a lot of people in their businesses and even private lives. They do not waste time going to the bank to withdraw or pay in money as it is easier to use the Momo service.

The service providers are already taxing us. If government also taxes us then that is double taxation. Why? What crime have we committed as a people to deserve this kind of treatment from this government that we voted for to relieve us of our sufferings?

If all the mineral resources we have cannot help us develop, if all the oil we have cannot help us develop, if all the huge borrowings cannot help us develop, is it this Momo tax that will help us develop? Let us be honest to ourselves and speak truth to power regardless our political lenses or party affiliations.

The Momo tax if it takes effect will not only affect an NDC man, it will affect everyone including diehard NPP persons, so why don't we all come together and kick against this killer tax since the government does not care about our sufferings?

So long as they are enjoying with their family and friends, they do not care about the rest of us but will aways use manipulative tactics to take the little that we survive on. Let us wake up and fight for our rights.

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