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Missed opportunities and repentance windows for voters than candidates

Missed opportunities and repentance windows for voters than candidates
24.11.2021 LISTEN

When your vote causes hell or keeps people in "hell', how will a just God judge such sins between creatures? Some of us are teachers, but also as witnesses for and/or against you. We are mediums taught by God to re-teach or remind you what you should have thought about. Choice is what leads to heaven or hell, including the earthly versions...

Then the best of judges will re-judge to give some two rewards or one big one for their efforts, two punishments to guilty followers, one terrible punishment to those who enjoyed through deceptions, etc. This is part of the meaning of chapter 39, named after groups, and that people would be brought in groups.

There are many meanings to these verses, but I want to limit my analysis to the voting groups. Chapter 56 divides people in to three groups and a big chunk of human choices are also largely three: varying level of good, varying level of evil, and the tolerable or forgivable light sinners. The voting in the Gambia and many places is also good, bad, and tolerable. In 2021, I believe voting PDOIS is good; voting NPP is tolerable; and voting others is bad, especially UDP (Darboe) and Kandeh/Jammeh's party.

I will justify my position through universal tools. Character is how God describes himself through the attributes, but he also labelled Satan as arrogant and ungrateful in the marvelous Recitation (quran) and as 'liar and murderer (cruel) In the bible? So when your favorite candidate is vividly ungrateful and/or arrogant, even his or her voters may get one or two punishments. Try to save yourself and or your family. Voting is not about want, but about should and will certainly be judged and re-judged by God. Your vote can affect millions directly or billions indirectly, which of your other choices will do that? Take it seriously, use your conscience as per chapter 91, and avoid being a guilty enabler.

Missed Opportunity for Darboe+: If Ousainou Darboe chose gratitude by advising Barrow to stay only five years and he himself retires in 2021, he would have been still vice president. More important, both Darboe and Barrow would have secured a special place in Gambia's and world history. He kicked himself out through ingratitude and greed.

Repentance window for Darboe is basically learning reciprocal law and to apologise and endorse Halifa Sallah of PDOIS. A person or party who helps you two or three times and you still fail deserves better than indifference or asking for more help...

Repentance window for UDP voters is understanding loyalty should be based on principles, not to persons or parties. This is precisely why the best of Republicans in the u.s abandoned both Trump and the party for enabling Trump, while others abandoned just Trump. There is a line that your party leader or even president should not be allowed to cross, you ' exhort each other to truth', and if s/he rejects truth, you separate... Ousainou Darboe and the worst of his voters made the mistake of personalising UDP, that only Ousainou should lead and can lead? After failing in 1996 and 2001, If Barrow or xyz tried leading UDP in 2006 or 2011, how would have greedy and arrogant Darboe reacted? Many questionable voters would have argued on cannot more than should not? In 2016, God raised the test against Darboe and voters and too many of you woefully failing, and I pity you, not fear you. God raised your party through Barrow and Sallah+ to test your gratitude. Yes, he was a coalition candidate, but also a UDP candidate. He passed where Darboe failed. While Darboe was on the verge of dying in prison, I think Darboe would have accepted every reasonable deal, including Barrow to lead UDP beyond one term or even Halifa Sallah to lead a coalition, even as resort option... You the supporters of Darboe would have pledged to be grateful for every helper, but you choose betrayal (jamfah) with Barrow, then after against Barrow.

Beside failing to rectify how Darboe rudely and indifferently dealt with the tolerable mistake of the three years clause, many UDP voters enabled the dividing of the party. You literally repeated the mistake of PPP (your masters) in begging Dawda Jawara to overstay. Ousainou Darboe didn't have Jawara's humility to offer a questionable opting out, but your guilty ones pinned him on a hot seat in a very questionable way. Through a semi-secret voting, you declared Darboe as flag bearer when even Adama Barrow didn't know Ousainou was an internal candidate, that Barrow was not the unopposed candidate he was hoping for. Questionable bills are passed through secret voting, questionable people are ushered through semi-secret voting, and hope you fail or let Gambia brace up for dangerous secret voting bills. How many UDP folks competed for the secretary General/flag bearer? Many even didn't know, beyond Barrow. No big party should do this as one day event without debates, except in personalised parties.

So it is not only Darboe is guilty of ingratitude, but the Rohey Malick Lowes, Talib Bensoudas, Almamy Taal, etc are to be labelled enablers of ingratitude in Gambia's history books and voting for them is indeed a sin. They must disown Darboe or get their share of the crimes. Even the ordinary voters of Darboe are sinners, some of whom can be rescued if they are ready to learn.

It is vital for Barrow and Sallah to classify the supporters and make direct appeal to their mistaken minds. Questions are great way to help people think. Sallah can ask how many times I helped you and your Darboe, if Darboe refuse to be grateful, will you be? That is just one question for old supporters, but we know Barrow took some. Sallah can ask new supporters like ms. Sock if she is blind to the ingratitude to sallah, ingratitude to Barrow, and secret voting example? Barrow can ask even tougher questions, but he must agree Darboe made him slightly ungrateful to Sallah and others. Barrow can reveal how he was never notified he was not a candidate and Darboe did not consult him as to his interest to take back 'his party'... excuse of people chooses me is too cheap for any thinker, Darboe wanted Barrow out to rule 100% instead of 90 to 99% through Barrow. If that is not greed and arrogance, what else is? I cannot forgive a voter who wants the Gambia to have a president whose forehead says ungrateful, arrogant, and greedy. Even if Darboe finishes third or fourth position, I am not forgiving his voters. Attempt is sometimes a big crime, especially on sins between creatures. If he finishes a close second, let's brace up for violence; if he finishes first, I am beyond worrying, I fairly survived Jammeh without fear, so Darboe cannot harm me. It is just my duty to remind my fellow citizens in the spirit of ch.103.

Diasporan UDP supporters are the worst of beings, because they have experiences to know better and educate their Gambian counterparts. Many of you are the super cowards who ran away to u.s and xyz, so a coward who ran away to u.s embassy may seem brave to you? Some of you are angry for not getting the limited positions and hoping through Darboe? Some of you were afraid to return to the Gambia and you know jailed Darboe could not have helped you. He repeatedly told you he can defeat Jammeh and failed to cry false foul, and you naively believe him? There is nothing like endless owing, but how much gratitude you owe to Sallah, if not Barrow? Help us, help us, help us, but when will you return favor or condemn your ungrateful Darboe? When will you suggest he should endorse others or ask your families to know gratitude, many of whom were murmuring in sin against Jammeh? When God says do not fear anyone, it includes Jammeh and even satan.

The false charge that Halifa Sallah cannot win is unsubstantiated. Ousainou Darboe lost three times and you want me to believe he is capable of winning, and the one who helped Barrow win and is standing as presidential candidate for the first time cannot win if Darboe returns favors and others show gratitude that he helped them with some higher level of freedom? This world demands truth and people don't know even lying Trump won lying Clinton through people's rejection of truth by Trump. People said Trump couldn't win, he won, but choose lying after as 'intelligence', so he fell. I think Halifa is not tough enough, he should have used much harder words against other candidates, especially Darboe. Reminding people in tough language is sometimes essential. Why you should not vote for xyz is as important as why you should vote for someone. A leader help others, including to think. Other top PDOIS officials should fill that gap, especially in local languages.

Investigations are vital and you should ask why people fear or don't like you. Yesterday, I asked a UDP supporter, why not halifa? She said, ' Halifa does not like mandinkos'. She could not provide evidence and I told her Halifa helped mandinko Darboe how many times, but the ungrateful mandinko(s) never return the favor? Thanks to Halifa and Barrow, or many mandinkos would still fear to even speak up? Is it Darboe or some other UDP big wigs lying to gullible tribal voters? If not, can Darboe clarify if he believes halifa hates mandinkos?

People are not equal in a group, nor are the levels of hell or heaven. Some of you are in a party for personal interest, some misunderstood family ties or long friendship have limits to defend, some are ashamed to disown a leader who failed in character beyond the tolerable, etc. I am not looking for position in PDOIS government like Dr. Ceesay. I am not even an official member of PDOIS, but certainly helping them than their top official members and for God to reward me beyond government cabinet position. I am one of the lucky ones capable of reaching billions internationally, so I won't look down on serving millions, but my target is much higher and God knows that, and he is enough as witness.

Our journalists must also learn to ask necessary and tough questions to candidates, top writers, and activists. Asking who do you consider worse candidate and ask why in the language of character. By stating lying as example, it will force the fairly good candidates to avoid being caught lying. Beside yourself, Who do you consider slightly better among your opponents and why? Questionable writers blame only sitting governments, but every country do have dangerous opposition leaders who should be confronted on time with consistencies. You need to have consistent good character before you ascend, or it may get worse, because power tends to corrupt many humans.

The refusal of the banned P.P.P and N.C.P to back PDOIS was largely because they understood they cannot control PDOIS like they can with Darboe. It is not just the political ways, but the probable governing ways can be very different. Before the fight, Darboe as vice president under Barrow will be lot happier than under Sallah or Sidia. He should not demand position but endorse as repentant. Our country is so small, once certain facts make it to few newspapers and radios, it will be very hard to contradict, ever. We must all avoid distorting history, it is never kindness, nor intelligent.

As said in my earlier article, Darboe and Kandeh are very similar, and voting for them, especially this election can have serious consequences because it is vivid in their character. Your vote is a choice and every choice is subject to judgement. Voting is one of the things where you should choose truth over family, friend, personal interest, etc. So if you take questionable sayings of the prophet or your raw desires over truth and conscience, then know that you are in serious gamble that involves potential sins between creatures in the millions or billions. May God bless Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

Activist and transformer.