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Mike Adjei a brass band discord

Mike Adjei a brass band discord
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In the present democratic dispensation of tolerance, pluralism and unity in diversity wrong bells of late are being rang from the Castle, the writings by Mike Adjei is a brass band discord. As a veteran journalist since he returned from exile his writings about the Rawlings regime and his views, some extreme though and his attacks against individuals have been taken in it's stride, what is new and now a worrying phenomena is that this man now has an appointment in the Castle, the seat of government and is seen performing a public duty hence a public officer, appointed by the NPP government, his writings therefore takes a new twist. Are the views emanating from the various articles his own or that of the government? People are asking this question. Is there not a code of conduct by which officials should be made to use as a yardstick in the issuance of press releases and statements? Mike Adjei says he is a Public Relations Officer in the Office of the President in the Castle. This man has written on so many issues including ethnic and tribal, a fray, the NPP as a party in the past has studiously refrained from getting into. Because the enemies of the NPP had tried to lure our party into a trap of tribal politics, instead of debating issues, Mike Adjei has fallen into this trap. He has also insulted and attacked people from Kofi Wayo to Kwame Gyasi showing traits of intolerance and patronism. For the first time he tells us what takes place in the Castle. His article of Saturday 29 June in the Weekly Spectator titled "GYASI, IS THIS A CASE OF SOUR GRAPES". He says Kojo Alata and Kwame Gyasi came to see President Kufuor for a job and the reason for Kwame Gyasi's criticism of some government policies in his column, is due to his not getting the job. We take it that Mr. Adjei sat in that meeting of Gyasis' alleged job hunting , or he was briefed by President Kufuor or one of his aides, after the meeting. This development is interesting, does Mike Adjei's articles represent the views of government? Is he a ventriloquist? If the government has employed him to exhibit intolerance and display journalistic viciousness, the Ghanaian public would like to know, so that we can measure the government and not Mike Adjei, with the yardstick. His writings are not only divisive but also alienatory, mean, self centred and arrogant. He thinks that he knows more than any Ghanaian living in Ghana, until he came from exile, with a divine mission to put us to our rights and obligations. He is now telling University dons to write, referring to his book, DEATH AND PAIN in RAWLINGS GHANA, which he says he is now updating, as the most authoritative reference to the Ghana situation. Let us make it clear to him that his book contains a lot of in accuracies, presumptions and wrong conclusions. Some facts and assertions we have not challenged or disputed, is because at that time the common goal was to get rid of the dictator Rawlings and we needed a united front. He must understand that those who lived in Ghana, sacrificed and braved the storms daily against Rawlings and his Ton ton macoutes, piecing articles, rumours and stories together from afar and to think it is the most authoritative reference point shows his egotism and how the feeling of self importance, could also be a disease. Having been exposed earlier this year for his hypocrisy and his double standards, for referring to Rawlings as a hero, Acheampong as king of kalabule, his calls for a blood river and his own admission that he passed on security information to Rawlings, he does not feel ashamed to refer to the pamphlet he published on the re- burial of the Generals as a reliable publication. Or, was he at the funeral of the Generals with his brother or cousin, Capt Adjei Ampofo? A person who was Acheampongs' right hand man, yet whose role he saw nothing wrong with, but joins hands in their deceptive crusade for restoration of freedom and justice in Ghana, whilst condemning everybody else. The President and the NPP should be wary of people who want to pursue their personal agenda as that of the NPP government. A stitch in time... save nine.

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