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Mampong Centre for Plant Medicine Research aims to improve herbal medicines

Mampong Centre for Plant Medicine Research aims to improve herbal medicines
LISTEN SEP 18, 2021

Acting Executive Director of the Mampong Centre for Plant Medicine Research (CPMR), Dr. Kofi Bobi Briamah says the centre's vision is to make herbal medicine a natural choice for Ghanaians and beyond.

He said during the launch of Thortina-74 Immune Booster.

According to him, the Ministry of Health has bought into the idea making it an official policy to integrate herbal medicine into the health system.

He added that herbal medicine in Ghana has improved over the years making it an alternative source of medication for Ghanaians.

"The vision of the CPMR is to make herbal medicine a natural choice for all. And we have also seen that before the Covid-19, our daily attendance at our clinic was 70 to 80 patients on an average per day but now its increase to 100 to 140, so this tells you that a lot of Ghanaians are using herbal medicine."
"The official policy of the Ministry of Health is integration, which in about 50 healthcare facilities, herbal medicines are now being administered.

Speaking at the launch of Thortina-74 Immune Booster, he said, it has undergone rigorous checks at the CPMR and that its potency is efficacious.

"We at CPMR has done our research on Thortina-74 Immune Booster and can recommend it for all."

Based on this, the centre has endorsed the newly manufactured herbal product.

Others who have joined the endorsement are Dr. Albert Wirekoh-Tawiah, a medical herbalist of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Dr. Kenneth Agbodza of the Ghana Standard Authority and Richard Eghan, a health researcher.

The newly launched herbal medicine is an immune booster mixture that aims at providing support to fight infectious diseases.

Thortina-74 Immune Booster is said to be a combination of three main plants; Moringa Oleifera, Spondias mombin, known as yellow mombin and tetrapleura tetraptera (Prekese).

According to him, the centre since its inception has advocated for the promotion of herbal medicines and that, efforts are underway to produce a cure for Covid-19.

Though Thortina-74 Immune Booster has not proven to be a cure for Covid-19, the CPMR attests to it as a highly efficacious immune booster mixture that fights against various diseases in the system.

Dr. Kofi Bobi said the vision of the CPMR is to make a natural choice for all.

Dr. Briamah noted that the increase in patients attendance at the CPMR to seek treatment attest to the strong belief in herbal medicine.

"And I would also like to say that the ministry of health is now working to increment the inclusion of essential herbal medicine list into the national health insurance to make sure that herbal medicine is accessible.

Managing Director of Diagnostic Herbal Clinic, originators of Thortina-74, Mr. Yaw Owusu Gyapong, said Thortina-74 builds the immune system.

He added that the medicine is for general wellbeing and not for treatment of specific illness.

"...and boosting immune system means there is little chance of being infected with viruses and other illnesses. Because it helps in fighting against viruses such as Covid-19. It is not to say is the cure for Covid-19 but scientifically having strong immune system withstands viral infection so if you get Thortina-74, it will reduce infections and viruses and Covid-19 is no exception.

He urged Ghanaians to pay attention to their health and personal well-being.

Simon Agbovi
Simon Agbovi

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