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Religion is 95% Bad, Negative and Dangerous, Only 5% Comes Out Positive Part 1

Religion is 95% Bad, Negative and Dangerous, Only 5% Comes Out Positive Part 1
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Two toddlers in 1994-Rwandan genocide, prayed to God to save their lives; but they were butchered with machetes, clubs of all sorts by the so-called Christians.

In that year, about 98% of Rwandans were Christians. You would think that at least an “all-powerful”, “mighty” god would have spared their lives so that they can grow up like you and I? Or those Christians would spare their lives. Nope, instead the opposite happened. The mystery god did not do anything for hundreds of thousand kids who did not know what being Hutu or Tutsi was all about.

Why do I dislike religion?

I hate the power of religion on people and the hypocritical people it produces.

You don’t need to be religious to have the positive character that Religion claims to produce. A reasonable person knows that it is wrong to harm or betray others. A good person knows that it is good to help those in need when you are blessed with so much opportunity and prosperity. You do not need religion for that.

You don’t need any religion to teach you good morals. The research is crystal clear on morality with regards to religion. Religion is only good for exploiting the poor, the under-developed, and the uneducated.

From the crusades, to terrorism, to slavery, to colonialism, religion is all about money, power, control, and influence: Christianity and Islam, alike.

Religion is a source of lots of hate, division, and utter nonsense. In Africa, we would be so better off without it.

When it is all set and done, you are shocked to find out that:

  1. Religion is always in the control business.
  2. It is in a guilt-producing control business. (i.e. the concept of heaven and hell in Christianity). Like Alex C. Lee illustrated well.
  3. The church does not like people to grow up. They want you to read the Bible and do what it says, literally. Do not question anything written down by the “people of God”. Otherwise, you will burn in some mystery hell. Really!?
  4. God would never be a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or any other religion. Yet, every one of them thinks their religion is true, that is, the only way to get to God.

Christians will tell you that: “ Jesus is the only way and there is no other way”

Muslims will tell you that: Mohammad, the prophet of God, is the only way and you have got to follow his teachings to go to some mystery heaven, ( some of the teachings include polygamy, treating women as second-class citizens, beating them up when they make a mistake, etc…really!?

Speaking from experience, I am not making things up.

Let me give you a few more examples of the 1994-Genocide in Rwanda.

The history of Genocide in Rwanda is very complex and complicated.

But one thing that is undeniably clear is the role that christianity played in the genocide. During the genocide, many people were killed in churches, largely because the priests who were in charge, and could have helped them, gave them up and speeded up the process. At the height of the killing, people would gather in churches, expecting to be saved. Either miraculously by “ God” or other factors. After all, 98% of the Rwandans were Christians and they could not imagine that they would be killed in the “house of God”, the churches.

Instead of being saved in the churches, they gave the opportunities for killers to find them in one location, taking up census of the Tutsis, and finally exterminating them quickly and faster. In most cases, priests gave the keys and the go ahead for these killings. The priests were perhaps the most trusted people in our society. The people you could confess your sins to and repent during the catholic mass. Nobody thought they would do what they did in Rwanda.

At Ntarama Church, around 5,000 people were exterminated in a matter of hours with machetes and clubs in the most horrific ways you can think of.

Church turned into a genocide memorial site for inhumane acts of violence -

Do you know what is crazy and still surprises me to this day?

It is the free pass that Christianity has gotten in Africa. Despite all the harm it has done to Africa, people still believe in this religion for some strange reasons, I cannot understand.

In fact, when you raise this issue, people will tell you that God is always good, but the people can be bad at times. When somebody is a hard-core believer, their educational level does not even matter.

My question to such people is why do we always thank God for the little good that religion does but do not hold him accountable for all the harm it does to our society. Are we not crazy?

In my opinion, religion is the new form of colonization. But this time, we got nobody to blame but ourselves.

The Europeans who brought it to us have already abandoned it. Today, in their civilized countries, nobody goes to church anymore. Churches are museums. Just to visit the 17th and 18th architecture. Only a minority go to church. Meanwhile, they enjoy over 85-90 years of life expectancy when we are dying at 55-60 years.

Why Does the “good Lord” hate us so much that he gives us a shorter lifespan when we flock to the churches every Sunday like nobody’s business? worshipping the God, who is supposed to be ” all love”, but all they taught us was hate and divisionism among ourselves. Why have we been so naive?




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