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#DearNSPFellow: 4 Food Joints You Need To Visit Before Leaving Keta

DearNSPFellow: 4 Food Joints You Need To Visit Before Leaving Keta
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The Bible said man shall not live by ‘bread alone.' This mean bread is important and good, but leaving by the bread alone is not. You probably know more about the importance of food than I do, base on this verse in the Bible. I’m not a foodie, I wish I was, but I’m just not. I just want to share with you the food joints I’ve tried and tested in Keta and think you should try them out too, with your own money anyway, hah!.

Food provides nutrients. It gives substances our system or body energy, growth and supports all other functions; talking, breathing, warmth, repairs the body and keeping the immune system healthy and also helps you to report to a workplace you don’t like every week in the name of national service. It is now clear why the Bible will mention food as being a requirement to human survival. If you don’t believe this, why did Satan tempted Jesus with food?

As much as food is important, so is what you eat. And if what you eat is important, so is how you eat what you eat. This brings us to where you eat what you eat. From home to campus, every area or town or city you may have spent a vital part of your lives, there is a popular food joint you can’t go a week without.

In Oda where I spent part of my developing years, that popular and important food joint for me is the TZ seller at No. 9. On campus, it is the Waakye seller behind Aggrey Hall. And like magic, I find a special place that meets my appetite and the strength of my pocket.

After 5 months in Keta, I have already locked down some special joints. And if you have already visited these joints, give us your testimony in the comment section below. But if you haven’t, what is the harm in trying them out? The worse that could happen is you may not like the food but you still get satisfied, right? So go try them out, it’s a win, win.

1. Navi Special Beans
“If you come to Keta and you’ve not visited Navi then you didn’t come to Keta.” That is what I was told the first time my colleagues took me there. And after the meal, they were right. It is not because of the food alone, it is about the prestige that comes along with it. I mean the beans and gari is just perfect but coupled with the value they place on the name ‘Navi’, makes it a legendary food joint.

I’m not a fan of beans and gari but a good beans dish cannot pass me by. And Navi lived up to the name and made me taste the type of beans I like to taste. I don’t have the words to explain, you just need to try it out for yourself.

Navi is located around the ECG. Just get to the ECG area and ask any child where you can locate Navi (He may laugh at you small though). It is not that far from the ECG. Because I don’t know the area and sometimes the areas in Keta confuses me, let stick to the above direction, just make your way to ECG and ask.

2. Al-Hamdu Lilahi Special Rice and Waakye
To date, I don’t know if Waakye is one of my favorites or not. I mean, I like a good Waakye. Oh, I adore a good Waakye, but if you ask me what my favorite food is, it is definitely not going to be Waakye.

Now you know, I adore Waakye. So when I arrived in Keta, I started my search for the perfect Waakye. And thanks to God, I found it or it found me. It was just sitting there, waiting for me.

Before then, in my quest, I tried some other joints. And they were very disappointing, so disappointing. It was Waakye, or it looks like Waakye but it tasted nothing like Waakye. It’s like Waakye made in China, ‘boi’. You may have tasted food that fits this description? Then you know what I mean.

The first day I tasted Al-Hamdu Special Waakye, I said to myself, “Oh thank God, you’ve found me.” It was a heavenly experience. I can’t just explain how Al-Hamdu Waakye does it but anytime I visit the place, I come out on top of the world. Maybe it’s the shito, when it enters my places like that, it just takes me to a different level.

Locate them at the second gate of the Police Barracks. They are opposite Kenop Pharmacy. When you get there, you would see a small signpost at the roadside directing you. By the way, if you are in Keta and you want a nice design; poster, flyer, banners for all occasions, call Bilth Studio on 0547787711.

3. Divine Favour Hausa Koko Special
There is nothing that tastes better in the morning than a well-prepared Hausa Koko with dry groundnut, Ideal Milk with a breathtaking Koose. Nothing tastes better than this, well, except correct Banku with correct Okra, correct TZ or correct Waakye.

Unfortunately, I’m not a porridge person. I take porridge and I will end up feeling hungry or dizzy. Like the porridge served as an appetizer or sleeping dose instead of serving as breakfast. So I don’t do a lot of porridge. Feeling dizzy in the morning is not a good feeling to be having at work.

But to those who like a good Hausa Koko, Divine Favour Hausa Koko Special is the joint you should try. I know what a correct Hausa Koko is, thanks to Sister Ayi, formerly of Asamakese, Roman Down Police Barracks. And Divine Favour prepares the best in Keta so far accordingly to what I’ve tested. And I have become consistent with porridge in the morning again because of the quality.

They are opposite the Keta Police Station, going to the Police Barrack opposite the main station. You would be served with original homemade Koko.

4. Matizac Food Joint
Getting a good kenkey in Keta is difficult. It’s like looking for a beach in Kumasi. And I don’t know if this is a thing about coastal areas. Because getting a good Kenky in Winneba which is a coastal area is very difficult.

Know that I’m not talking about the Accra standard of Kenkey here, but something that is up to some expectations.

This is where Matizac comes in, an averagely good Kenkey at a cool price. All that at a cool place behind the washing bay when you are going to Waterworks (Ghana Water Company). So if it is a hot afternoon and you want some Kenkey to eat in Keta, head to Matizac. They sell jollof rice with salad and Banku with pepper too. Just know that the Kenkey is not Ga Komi, but the best I’ve tasted so far (price included…hihihii!).

Bottom Line
Our taste for food may not be the same. That saying, I have the right to talk about the food joints I like, so do you. This has nothing to do with promoting a joint over another, or that’s what I’m doing? Who cares anyway?

Try the joints out and if you like them, hit me up let pay them a visit together. Just know that you are paying. And if you are outside Keta and you are planning to visit soon or during the festive seasons, this list should get you covered. So that you won’t have to worry about what to eat and at what price. If I can afford these places with my 559 salary and go ahead and write about them, then what are we saying? Come on!!!

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