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26.03.2021 Education

Reggie Rockstone not happy with alma mater Achimota School

Reggie Rockstone not happy with alma mater Achimota School
LISTEN MAR 26, 2021

Reggie Rockstone who is an old student of Achimota School has cut ties with the academic institution.

According to the legendary Ghanaian rapper, he doesn't feel welcomed again by the school if the school has denied someone admission because of his hair.

"My wife was there. I had a great time but this one I don’t like. So don’t call me for anything. No more year group. We on pause because I like to go where I am welcomed. I’ll leave my politics for myself and we will work behind. I won't say boycott but it's on pause," he said.

Reggie Rockstone who identifies as a Pan Africanist explains that all his children have dreadlocks too and he was disappointed Achimota denied admitting Tyrone Marhguy whilst photos show the school admits white girls with their long hair.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the Hip Life founder said "I am a pan-African and it’s not flying with me… I have been supportive of my school and we have thrown parties – a proud one – but now no".

Reggie Rockstone added that "I am looking confused because I am seeing pics of white folks with their long hair and everything… they tell me, day students, I don’t know… one article that offends me has to do with them allowing Caucasians to keep it wow".

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