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FEB 19, 2021 LISTEN

Many years ago when we barely had nothing, I remember we used to pride ourselves with reality. ‘Cus we could talk to each other, write letters of raw and meaningful words and walk around to feel the real romanticism of nature.

I reminisce we used to water our love every minute of our lives. We could pay unexpected visits, see ourselves daily, touch our lives and laugh our hearts out into the future.

Wow! I miss that life. It was old, but full of gold and we were so bold.

Whispering magical words into our ears made us grow. Also, receiving love letters from love ones did wonders to the soul!

[But now]

I don't even know if our love is true nowadays.

We can't even give and take hugs all because we are able to send hugging emojis.

We no longer feel like expressing our love all because we can now type on our mobile devices.

We can’t hold hands and follow each other, all because we follow ourselves on social media.

We can’t react to our lives in real life, because these reactions are now online.

I Guess technology brought more light to our lives, yet our relationships can’t see the true colors of our hearts. Our phones are our candlelights yet our eyes still hurts.

Now, as we are snuggled up with our tablets and smartphones, the big question looms:

“Are we getting closer or we’re getting apart?”

~ [email protected]

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