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Brownie Samukai, Musa Bility and Samuel Tweah; where the cooperate boys (CDC&CPP) never divide

Brownie Samukai, Musa Bility and Samuel Tweah; where the cooperate boys (CDC&CPP) never divide
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The much presaged call from the foremost opposition Leader (Sen. Abraham Darius Dillion) in the upper house of senate has been; to ensure integrity in the Legislature and the governance of the state; to reassure public trust and confidence through accountability and proper usage of public funds; and to institute the respect for the rule of Law through the application of democracy. Well, this is not just a call that has attracted Sen. Dillion alone, most Liberians are aware amidst the absence of these values, the Liberian society has been long held in stagnation, thus keeping its people in an ineffable and unutterable poverty. Sen. Dillion and the Liberian people share great worth of sentiments towards the common bad governance of the Liberian state, but despite this sheer commonality, one thing has proven clear, that the Liberian people are determined to confront this problem head-on in contrast to Senator Dillion’s own determination to transform his own thief from Saul to Paul.

The fact that corruption and bad governance are menaces that have impaired public functions and impede the overall growth and output of the Liberian state is true and known to almost all Liberians. Because of this, every Government that has come to the centerfold of Leadership has boasted about their determination and willingness to purge these menaces out of the Liberian public space. In spite of this proclaimed determination, corruption remains pervasive, entrenched and endemic in every sector of the country. If one asked; why Liberia has failed on this front? The simple answer is: everybody still has their individual criminal to protect.

Amongst notables, the Unity party led Government was noted for its apathy toward corruption, nepotism and draconian policies that led them to squandered life-changing opportunities meant for the Liberian people (Special Credit to Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai). These failures and other dodges were exploited by the George Weah’s opposition and would later propel him to a massive win in the Presidential elections of 2017. President Weah in his inauguration oration informed the people of Liberia that his government will be very intolerant of corruption, nepotism and the systemic rottenness that has grappled the Unity Party led Government for 12years of which Weah was a bitter critic. However, President Weah actions has proven otherwise, instead of a “Gibraltar footballer” who understands the challenges of living in old zinc shacks and plying on dusty roads while corruption rot your future, Weah himself has become the newest vampire devouring g the soul of the nation with his unprecedented looting spree. Under Weah’s Liberia, the CDC red and blue beret has become a passcode for employment in Public service, the state treasures is being distributed in hierarchal ranks of the CDC, the law is being bastardized while the bureaucrats and lackeys are demanding unhindered loyalty to the so-called blue revolution. These are the very things the CDC and its Presidential candidate spoke against some five years ago while in opposition.

However, the history of contradictions coming in full circle in Liberia is not peculiar to the politics of this country. For examples, when the PRC mutiny came, Doe boosted about their renew valor and courage to fight corruption and bad governance, but with no time, Doe became the custodian of wealth and luxury. Taylor also claimed to bring a revolution against the stealing of the Doe regime, but Taylor himself later evolved to be a fascist and bureaucrats, the same can be said with Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf until in her pertaining comment she admitted of her massive loss and failure in the fight against corruption. How the happenings under Weah do say anything different from these historical circumstances?

Weah’s Finance Minister who appears to be an untouchable one eye man leading the blind watched as 16billion Liberian Bank Notes wind-swept to the breeze, the US 25millions was smoke in air under the guise of mopped up, and the latest is the stimulus package and other landmark corruption cases. If anyone would have told the Liberian people that making Weah president was revolving in another circus of hackneyed corruption, these same people would have called such an individual prophet of doom. But no, not all prophets are prophets of dooms; historical circumstances have proven that some are good prophets of characters and political processes.

The contradictions are not only within the CDC alone. The latest happenings in Liberia especially on the political space have shown that almost all prominent players are simply accepting corruption as an insurmountable enemy and purely admitting to their inability to fight this scourge. Not more than a month ago, the Liberty party elected to its Chairmanship an internationally convicted criminal who siphoned almost half a million from football governing body (FIFA). This decision shows how those that are aspiring for national leadership are as spineless as George Weah is in the fight against corruption. The Liberty Party has exposed its insidious motive towards the race for political leadership. They have shown that there can be no healthy political alliance except the reorganizations of looters, thieves, and crooks. .

This paradox does not only emboldens the Liberty party alone, the Unity party which is the biggest constituent member of the CPP featured on its CPP slot in Lofa County one of Liberia’s boldest criminals (someone who steals AFL Money). About few days ago, Brownie Samukai along with his host of deputies were convicted by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia for stealing 1.4million from the Armed Forces of Liberia Pension Funds. Yet, the Unity Party is pretending as though it doesn’t accept corruption as a way of life. This is total deception to the Liberian people.

With these unveilings, we must reexamine ourselves. Though the political climate has been saturated with high airbrushing and vocal thundering amongst political actors, the most common experience has been; every side has their own rogue; every side produced their own renounced criminal. This analogy, as oxymoronic it appears, is the most common point amongst the cooperate boys. The cooperate boys are held stronger together by the bond of corruption and their sterner desires to divest states coffers.

As I close, let me say, the big rogue and small rogue theory is running out of time. Such kooky strategy is temporary. Even if the people do not realize now they won’t be misled forever. The compounded contradictions in the political climate will create a rescue point which will demand that the line of corruption that binds these cooperate boys together to either be dichotomized or ceased to exist. In the meantime, it is good that the Liberian people know that Brownie Samukai, Samuel Tweah, and Musa Bility et al are all good friends with an agenda to acquire wealth at the detriment of the state. They will never divide on this.

About the Author:

Lawrence S. Tuah is a youth and student activist.

He studies at the University of Liberia.

He currently serves as the Propaganda Chair of the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) of the University of Liberia

Email: [email protected]

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