Gates, Global Vaccination, Is It Hubris Or The Zenith Of Stupidity?

Feature Article Gates, Global Vaccination, Is It Hubris Or The Zenith Of Stupidity?

Since Mary Wortley Montagu introduced smallpox vaccination to England, which led to the development of vaccine by Edward Jenner, overpopulation has become an apocalyptic staple bread and butter for doomsday peddlers. Before then, humanity was at the mercy of the microbial world. For example, half of children born in London did not live to see their fifth birthday. Vaccination significantly improved life expectancy in England with the resultant population explosion.

This gave birth to the first modern-day scientific doomsday false prophet – Thomas Robert Malthus. In his seminal work, 'An Essay On The Principle Of Population', he argued that population turns to increase geometrically while food production follows arithmetic progression. It had profound effect on the mindset of subsequent generation creating an academic-industry of alarmists. Just over 200 years after his birth, another twisted Stanford academic, Paul Ehrlich, penned 'The Population Bomb' predicting catastrophe for the world which even America was not spared. Ehrlich has been proven spectacularly wrong like his godfather, Malthus, who lacked confidence in his work initially, he had it published under a pseudonym.

This initial success with vaccination has been hijacked, monetised, weaponised and shoved down our throat by the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Now, every conceivable contemporary disease needs to be cured by a vaccine, which is classic snake oil salesman tactics. By 1960 when polio vaccine was introduced to America cases were already in serious decline like many of the deadly diseases of the past that disappeared without vaccines. Edward H Kass, a former head of Harvard Medical School, spoke and warned the world about a couple of decades ago that promotors of vaccines were taking credit for the elimination of diseases which had nothing to do with vaccines.

He said 'This decline in rates of certain disorders, correlated roughly with socioeconomic circumstances, is merely the most important happening in the history of the health of man, yet we have only the vaguest and most general notions about how it happened and by what mechanisms socioeconomic improvement and decreased rates of certain diseases run in parallel.' Niall Ferguson, an economic historian, in his book 'Civilisation', he juxtaposed his notion of civilisation to Kenneth Clark, a British politician's, visual arts definition and made it clear that he was interested in sewage and pipes as much as flying buttresses and cathedrals because without efficient public plumbing cities are death-traps turning rivers and wells into havens for bacterium vibrio cholera. Niall's views on civilisation supports the notion that improvement in hygiene and socioeconomic conditions is what eliminated most of the deadly communicable disease that destroyed populations in the past.

Before the Wuhan virus, also known as Covid19, reared its ugly presence in China, the vaccination debate had an exclusive club, but the notion of mandatory vaccination due to the current pandemic has put the discussion on the front burner of health discussion courtesy of the United States of the World President, Bill Gates.

Vaccination, as a public health prophylactic practice, has come under severe scrutiny in various circles, especially in the United States and around the world, and the outcry is growing as its link to autism and autoimmune diseases grow. It is a proposition which is contested vigorously by the big United States pharmaceutical companies. Yet, on the CDC website, they state categorically with no equivocation that, 'Vaccines are the best defence we have against infectious diseases, but no vaccine is actually 100% safe or effective for everyone because each person's body reacts to vaccines differently.' So, if CDC states this on their website why will they try to mandate vaccines to everyone especially children who are very fragile.

I will understand if the UK mandates childhood vaccination because they run a national health service paid for by the government. But why would America that runs a private insurance financed health service will mandate vaccines for every child when according their own CDC vaccines are not 100% safe? The question is who gets to play God to destroy other people's lives with a vaccine that is not totally safe. Now, talking about totally safe, these vaccines are not vigorously tested even against a placebo. And they are being given to perfectly healthy people through government mandate for the benefit of other people who might fall ill. The question is if the government is mandating these vaccines, which for all intent and purposes are drugs and should no longer be treated as biologics, it should be comprehensively tested against a placebo and for a very long period. You can't test a vaccine for four days, declare it safe and mandate it for everyone. For example, a nutritious fungus-like mushroom is perfectly healthy for most people, but there are a handful of people who this nourishing food can be deadly. So why will these people not think a bit deeper unless they have decided to close their eyes to the evidence?

Statisticians tell us correlation is not causation, however, there comes a time when the numbers deserve closer attention and scrutiny even if it is to confirm the established media paradigm. However, the state of knowledge and the level of Western development makes the concept of vaccination untenable and it's been shattered by an almost seven-hundred-year-old historical anecdotal evidence that makes the Gates worldwide vaccination programme a lunatic proposition, which should not be countenanced by any thinking mind. During the 14th century a lethal pandemic christened, the Black Death, culled about a third of the European population.

Strangely, the effect on the Jewish population that was even living in ghettoes was minimal and it didn't go unnoticed. The ignoramuses at the time blamed the pandemic on the Jews that they have poisoned the wells, which is immaterial to me in this piece. Still, the pertinent question is why were the Jews not dying at the same rate as their European counterparts? The mystery was the fact that they aggressively observed their Leviticus laws of cleanliness. In contrast, during the medieval period bathing was a luxury, according to the records even Queen Elisabeth I used to bath once a month.

And this was the monarch who had everything at her disposal can you imagine the ordinary folks? And it is quite understandable because they didn't have indoor plumbing, central heating as we do today and poverty was rife. Open sewer was commonplace, which facilitated the transmission of diseases among the population. As a result of the poverty, healthy eating was a luxury and the abundance of fruits in grocery store these days was an unvarnished utopian concept then. Therefore, with the frequent outbreak of influenza, cholera and childhood diseases, which used to devastate populations, in retrospect, vaccination was quite the best of the two evils. It was medical intervention that was needed when sanitation, hygiene and diet was very poor in England.

Currently, with our level of knowledge and state of our technology, the application of vaccines to eliminate disease can be likened to building more prisons to solve crime rather than looking at what fuel criminal behaviour. The idea wouldn't have been a problem if the side effect of the vaccines were manageable. In the 1960s, the rate of autism in the United States was one in ten thousand. Presently, it's running at an epidemic proportion, and one in forty-six children is diagnosed with autism in the United States. These people will have to understand that it's not every disease that can be eliminated by a vaccine. Some of the vaccines are rather causing damage. According to their own WHO that I don't have any respect for, 70% of polio around the globe are from the vaccine strain. And there is one classic case in Kenya that whichever way you spin the story it is bad for the proponents of mandatory vaccinations. Tetanus vaccine was given to girls of childbearing age and it was later detected that the vaccine contained Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) antigen.

Now, let's assume they manufactured the vaccine without knowing that it contained these human fertility control, which means the vaccines produced by these pharmaceutical companies have poor production line protocol and, therefore, are extremely very dangerous. On the other hand, if they did know, it proves the fear of lot of people around the world that the organisations at the forefront for these programmes like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI are evil organisations with sinister motives, which are far from benevolent.

Now, the lives of close to 500,000 girls have been destroyed. Can anyone imagine the psychological trauma these girls will be going through when they marry with the intention of having babies and they are unable to? This begs the question of why is this computer geek thrusting himself into solving complex world problems. This quintessential James Bond villain, Gates, does not know that when girls stay longer in school it shortens their reproductive period. So, the solution is not using vaccines but education which will render them more economically productive while putting their reproductive organs in check. In the past European women used to have a double-digit number of children, one, as security against child mortality and secondly, as insurance policy during their old age. Economic advancement, sanitation, good drinking water and refrigeration has rendered that route of social security irrelevant in Europe.

In January 1961, President Eisenhower warned Americans of the harmful influence of the military-industrial complex. That alarm bell needs to be sounded again with regard to the damage the pharmaceutical industrial complex is doing to America and Africa in particular. Our body is home to 380 trillion viruses and there are uncountable viruses around. Are they trying to tell us we have to inject our bodies constantly with vaccines to combat every conceivable virus on the planet? The funny irony is that the very people who rail against overpopulation are the very people who are aggressively promoting vaccines for what God knows. Gates, who openly advocates for population control, is the leading promoter of this knucklehead nonsense. Why will he be so keen on promoting vaccination, which is meant as a prophylactic against communicable deadly diseases? Wouldn't the deadly viral diseases that plague humanity be his wet dreams come true for his cherished population control? His promotion of vaccination is simply to use humanity, especially Africans, as his guinea pigs to make more money.

And beneath it all is his evil dreams of depopulating the world. Now, come to think of it, the idea of developing a vaccine to fight the Covid-19 in such a short space of time actually confirms my suspicion. The notion that they can produce a vaccine within a year of this pandemic is one of the evidence that it was planned. Unless they have been experimenting long ago it's impossible for the pharmaceutical companies to develop one very soon.

Even one of the leading personalities in the industry, Paul Offit, has voiced his fears over the warp speed at which the vaccines are being developed because it takes considerable time even a decade for a successful vaccine to be brought to the market. It is the zenith of stupidity for anybody to conceive the idea of a worldwide vaccination with a vaccine that testing stages are being skipped. I don't have a choice, but if I did, living in the same universe wouldn't be a preferred option. Because this Bill Gates guy is a dangerous narcissist lunatic. How on God's earth did any human mind conceive the idea of a worldwide vaccination. What if something goes wrong like what happened to the Kenyan girls assuming it was a mistake. What of if some kind of mutation takes place and we are all rendered impotent.

Under normal circumstances, this evil genius wouldn't have had the sort of power he wields today if not because of an organisation like WHO. Adam Smith who developed the theoretical foundation of the western economic system called capitalism literally said that businessmen should not be allowed anywhere near the corridors of powers, because of the possibility of corrupting legislators. In his almost 950-page magnum opus he never had anything good to say about businessmen. And I think we have to revisit the sentiment of Adam Smith concerning businessmen and giant corporation else we are going to have the 666 villain of Revelation on our hands.

Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr.
[email protected]

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