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Why Get Angry, Nana Addo? Or Is it B’cos Your “Akufo Addo Graduates” Insulted You?

They Insult the System and not you!
Why Get Angry, Nana Addo? Or Is it B’cos Your “Akufo Addo Graduates” Insulted You?
LISTEN AUG 8, 2020

You have brooded fowls from their *infancy* and now they have feathers and you don’t want them to fly? No, you lie, they will. What is the use of it if not for flying?

Not too long ago that you did implement the FSHS in Ghana which attracted the attention of many nations. You were even congratulated for making this great history happen. I remember expressing my profound gratitude to you when you finally implemented this policy. In that article of mine “Free SHS is beneficial for those living and the yet unborn….” I elaborated some of the benefits of this policy on the Ghanaian economy. I noted that massive education of the masses will put Ghana to the next level. Although I praised your idea I never said anything negative even though I knew there were many but could be overcome if all were to gather around the table of men and thought. I never however expected these “DADA Bs” of Nana Addo to look into the eyes of their “father” and ridiculed him.

Nana Addo, is true you paid their fees from the nation’s coffers when some thought it to be an impossibility, but if today they insult you, what I will say to you is that you should only “clean the toilet and not cut your legs off.”

You clothed them, at a time the nation herself was naked. You gave them free textbooks at the time when Ghana need to write her own name in the good books titled *developed countries * and if today they insult you after writing few papers, I will say you must take heart.

You gave them free accommodations, fed them when some government workers never had a place to stay so they could work, you did that for them when there weren’t enough hospital beds when there weren’t enough hospitals you chose “their comfort” in school and if today what they could do is insult you, then I will expect you to be silent and continue to meditate on what to do next for them. Maybe in a way, I can blame you. You pampered them too much! You made them feel like Queens and Kings. Maybe as a result of the treatment, you gave them they thought they were going to write “Nana Addo Graduates Exams” only for them to find themselves have WAEC PAPER before them when throughput their three-year stay in the FSHS they never studied anything for WASSCE. I personally don’t know if there can be any punishment for them.

I personally think these DADA Bs can’t be punished for what they have done when they have their father(The President) to be Nana Addo.

They did not insult the president I think. I believe their insult is to the FSH policy, and you and I must do a survey to know why.

The question to be looked at in the next article is “were they prepared for the exams?”

From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

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