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Know the Signs of the Ghanaian and African False Pastors andProphets

Know the Signs of the Ghanaian and African False Pastors andProphets
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The bible is true but the abundance of false pastors and prophets and the interpretations they give to the Word of God to satisfy their own parochial interests have planted deep-seated doubts in the minds of many for them to begin to rubbish it. These fake pastors interpret the contents of the bible in such a way as to plant fear into people, make them lazy as not to use their God-endowed brains to think intelligently, and also make them believe and accept the fact that by being poor, while they the pastors live in riches, they will go to heaven. The false prophets always predict doom on your life to make you so scared that you will have to depend on them to liberate you from your so-called impending calamity but only for them to make you a lapdog to be easily manipulated at their whim.

It is the abundance of these false pastors in Ghana and Africa that our African continent has become so poor to be overly dependent on outside help for our mere survival as human beings. They have made us so timid to not exploit our unlimited potentials but to stagnate in ignorance, fear and the hope of going to heaven to enjoy everlasting life while here on earth, we look up to our white contemporaries to supply us with our basic needs hence unknowingly pushing ourselves into crafty outsiders like the Chinese to be re-colonised.

Now, the following could be some of the signs of the Ghanaian and African false pastors and prophets which we must watch out for to completely do away with them for they cannot take anyone to heaven as they preach.

1. They preach more of prosperity through miracles than salvation.

2. They always preach to compel you to pay your offertories and tithes assuring you that by so doing you will be blessed abundantly by God

3. They devise means to ensure you pay your tithes with those unable to pay seen as the enemies of the pastor and the church

4. The pastors and the prophets live in opulence, in big houses, ride many luxury cars and are oftentimes callous to the poor in their churches who do not go the extra mile to gift them with other material things.

5. They love advertising themselves in public and on airwaves about how powerful they are only to entice people to them to be duped. However, Jesus Christ they claim to follow to take people to heaven always did ask those he healed not to go public proclaiming him as the source of their healing.

6. The prophets are always known to predict one’s looming calamity based on conditionality of say, if we do not pray for him or her, he/she will die but if we do pray, it won’t happen. If the person does not die as predicted, it means we prayed for him but if the person dies, it means we did not pray for him.

7. They align themselves with political parties and keep prophesying which political party will win or not. As some predict in favour of party “A”, others will predict in favour of party “B”, yet they all claim their message is coming from God. How is this possible if the message is coming from the same one God who created the earth and heaven and the entire infinite universe?

8. They predict calamities but are unable to stop them. They perform their falsely arranged miracles in public and often publicise themselves of having done this or that for such and such a person instead of keeping those things private and confidential.

9. They compel people seeking wonders and help from them to pay consultation fees before seeing them. When in the bible did Jesus or his disciples force people come to see them for prayers or healing to pay fees? Yet, the Ghanaian and African false pastors and prophets will find a bible verse to interpret to suit their criminal enterprise. Why should a sick, poor and needy person come to see a pastor or prophet be forced to pay some money before the person could be attended to? Is it how Jesus taught people to do?

10. They arrange for false testimonies to be told about them to their greatness in public. Why this show off where if anything at all, their source of power comes from God. Why do they take the credit for themselves, making themselves tin gods in the eyes of their congregants instead of giving the glory of the success of their healing or predictions to God?

The Ghanaian and African pastors and prophets are principally fake. There are a few genuine ones out there. The genuine ones don’t advertise themselves. They don’t charge people fees before consulted. They live moderate lives worthy of good pastors and prophets. They don’t predict what God has not revealed to them since their motive is not to exploit people but to tell them the truth. They don’t encourage people to spend all their time consulting them but they do encourage people to go out and find jobs for themselves.

Fellow Ghanaians and Africans, please let us be wise as the serpent to avoid these fake pastors and prophets in Ghana. Let us stop seeking miracles but to resort to doing hard work. See any prophet you visit that demands payment of fee before he sees you as fake. The women, see any pastor or prophet you approach that demands sex from you for any reason as false.

The above are clear signs to tell you the pastor or prophet is false. Why should we ignorantly continue to fall victims to them? Don’t let them plant any fear in you? Is it because of poverty or the fear of death?

Any Ghanaian or African pastor or prophet asking their president to lift the ban on churches staying closed due to the endeavours to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic because of their inability to raise tithes, offertories and to live better, is a fake pastor. They think about themselves but not about the welfare of their church members.

Fellow Ghanaians and Africans, please let us digest the signs about the false pastors and prophets to stay prudent. The good ones are in the villages not blowing their horns as does the fake ones trooping to the airwaves with their falsehoods.

The Ghana false prophets are being exposed in the end time by Demon Breaker so go on YouTube to watch the programme “The Seat with Demon Breaker”

Finally, I invite discerning and truly God-fearing Ghanaians to pray for, and support, Kennedy Agyapong (Honourable), for waging war on some Ghanaian false prophets and pastors who are duping people and are clearly devil incarnates. More grease to his elbows and shall God protect him. Amen!

Rockson Adofo
Thursday, 7 May 2020

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