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Feb 15, 2012 | Family & Parenting

BITTER TRUTH ON MARRIAGE (Part 16) Married Woman


Some women are not helping the man. You are the one frustrating him and you are always reminding him of his weakness. You have to build your husband's confidence. You have to encourage him. If he is discouraged, you stand by him. Aim to be a blessing. That should be your life. Leave the world a better place.

Sometimes, children and wives don't know when a man tries his best and things are not working yet. Don't put the man down because he didn't achieve financially like somebody else you once courted. Encourage him. Let him know his time is coming. Encourage him that his days are coming and that he will still smile. God has promised that economically, physically, materially and spiritually, a blessed man will make progress.

A man needs to hear you appreciate what he knows. When your husband knows something, appreciate him with statements like “That's why you are my husband. I appreciate what you know”. Give the man validation, respect, honour.

Whatever you do, give your husband honour. He is the head of the home. He is the headman. He needs to see you rise to the things he calls urgent. If your husband says this is urgent, say “Okay darling. I shall do it straight away”. God calls the man the head of the home. It is not debatable. It is not negotiable. It is not on the table for discussion. Of course, you are equals in the sight of God but you call the man the head.

The man needs to hear abundant encouragement from a woman because a man never likes to be caught discouraged in public. So, the woman should not be there adding to his pain. Infact, you should hear him more than what he said and let him get enough encouragement from you as his wife.

Give the man what he wants. Stand by him. Encourage him to move on. A man needs to hear the woman affirm his goals and visions.

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