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How to keep your feet soft, beautiful and attractive

How to keep your feet soft, beautiful and attractive
26.01.2011 LISTEN

Our feet tend to be one of the most overlooked part of our body. What most people don't realise is that the feet also need to be taken care in order to have great attractive feet. Here are great tips and methods other that expensive pedicures on how to have soft attractive feet.

1. Take some hot water in a tub and dip your feet in it foot for around 15-30 minutes. This is one of the best ways to revive and make your feet look healthy after a long stressful day.

You can also add some anti-septic in the water to clean and disinfect your feet.

2. Moisturise your feet daily immediately after a bath. One's feet look most unattractive and shabby when it is dry and flaky.

3. Apply some coconut oil to your feet before going to sleep, and sleep with socks on. Wash thoroughly the next morning to see awesome feet.

4. Scrub your feet with a scrub like pumice stone.
5. Always clip the nails off your feet. Not only are nails difficult to maintain, dirt accumulates easily in the crevices giving you stinky feet.

6. Wear clean, cotton socks. Cotton absorbs the sweat and keeps your feet nice and clean and doesn't result in wrinkled feet.