TRENDS RUNWAY SHOW: A great initiative that needs to be sustained

By Abdul Jalil Mahamud | Sanatu Zambang
Opinion TRENDS RUNWAY SHOW: A great initiative that needs to be sustained
SEP 1, 2022 LISTEN

The 2021 Trends Runway show which happens to be its maiden edition saw great and talented fashion designers from the south and north of Ghana showcasing their latest collection. The show featured fashion designers, Beauty artists, music artists, models, fashion critics, fashion lovers and the relevant stakeholders in the fashion industry.

Fashion designers like House of Micky, Shak's fashion, Tiag Couture, Niposkin, Bekura fashion, Trut fashion, Fatsu garments and Muaz fashion showcase wears that every person at the show would love to have in their closet. From streetwear, to cooperate, wedding, social events and others.

Trends Runway show open an opportunity for fashion lovers in the city to get to know amazing and talented fashion designers and the work they are doing. One of the thing I realise at the event was that, we have talent in the region but they are still in the dark. Their work are not out there yet and maybe they might be lacking the technical know how to bring their work to the limelight.

Trends Runway show coming into the picture will diversify the creative arts industry in the region and create an avenue where new talents will emerge in the hope of selling the region to the outside world. The media can play an importance rule in the development of the fashion industry here by promoting the authentic African fashion and runways shows in the subsequent ones to come.

The former manager for Santu Zambang, Abdul-Raafi Mohammed in a post-show discussion with Tamale Event Hub director, Mr Abdul Rashid Issahaku, Mr Prosper David, Co-director Tamale Event hub, Mr Baba Hamdu-CEO Trends Runway show, Mr Alfred-CEO Nakaygh and Ewuraba Nakay all noted that the audience attendance to the show was overwhelming considering the fact that the fashion show is still a new thing and we had just return from a lock up.

One of the great music export from the region, Fadlan trilled fans to great entertainment as he performed hits upon hits from his portfolio. The discussants commended him for that show stopping performance and reiterated why he is really the young bull in the region.