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BODEGA43 - The best cellar for your wines

BODEGA43 - The best cellar for your wines
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Exploring a deep, underground cellar with wine dotting every wall is a dream for many enthusiasts. Recreating this same cellar at home, however, isn't feasible in most cases. Explore alternatives with wine coolers in the home. Dedicating a space to the best wines will ultimately make them taste better than ever before.

A Cool, Calm Space

Adding wine to the everyday refrigerator poses many problems. The door is constantly being opened and closed. Residents might shift the wine to the side in order to reach another item. All of these disturbances degrade the wine's quality over time.

By installing a wine cooler (Translated to Dutch: wijnkoelkast) into the kitchen, there's a space that's dedicated to the wine. There's no other reason to access the cooler unless it's for a wine break. Fewer disruptions allow the wine to age as it does in cellars across Europe.

No Compressor Vibrations

Listen to the average refrigerator, and the compressor is the loudest component. It certainly keeps the interior cold, but it also adds vibrations to the appliance. Shaking up wine while it's trying to age will only harm its final bouquet.

A wine cooler from offers a whisper-quiet compressor. In fact, you might wonder if the appliance is even working at all. The quiet cooling translates into a still environment for the wine.


Absolute Light Control

There's a reason why wine bottles come with darkened glass. Sunlight is harmful to aging wine. It breaks down the ingredients, which degrades any complex tastes within the drink. A wine cooler from has a simple solution: UV-blocking glass. The transparent door gives wine enthusiasts a view of the cooler's interior, but the damaging light stays out.

This particular benefit of quality coolers is reason enough to buy one. Light control isn't possible in a standard refrigerator.

Perfected Temperatures

Refrigerators were designed to keep food cool at around 37 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature isn't meant for aging wine. Coolers preserve the wine between 50 and 59 degrees F. Remove the white or red wine from the cooler, and enthusiasts will end up drinking it at an optimal 55 degrees F.

The wine's temperature is critical during aging and enjoyment. A cooler makes temperature control possible without much thought.


Various Storage Quantities

There's no standard size when it comes to a wine cooler. Products sold through distributors, such as Bodega43, give consumers a wide variety of choices. From 24- to 180-bottle capacities, these coolers have unique designs and styles. Simply start out with the desired quantity, and the style can be decided upon as consumers match the appliance to their decor.

For beginning connoisseurs, try a cooler with a small capacity. Splurge later on when wine tasting is an exciting passion for the entire family.

Discover the wine-storage options with From coolers to refrigerators, this distributor offers its expertise and dedication to quality products with every order. Uncover the truth about aging wine and enjoying it at peak ripeness. The world will look different as these experiences shape the mind.

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