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19.03.2019 Health & Fitness

Heart Symptoms Alarms You Shouldn't Dare Ignore

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Heart Symptoms Alarms You Shouldn't Dare Ignore
LISTEN MAR 19, 2019

All aspects of the human body are indispensable for the survival of this life. The heart is the centrepiece of the body and consequently, why the little warning signs that identify with the heart shouldn't be ignored. The heart tries as much as it can to communicate to you in several ways especially when there is an issue. However, you should note that not all heart problems accompany its unmistakable cautioning signs. That is the reason it important to have regular checkups.

“The more risk factors you have the more you should be concerned about anything that might be heart-related. That’s especially true if you are 60 or older, are overweight, or have diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, says Vincent Bufalino, MD, an American Heart Association spokesman.

Pay heed to the following heart symptoms which you shouldn’t ignore at all cost.

Chest Discomfort

It's the most widely recognized indication of heart peril. The inclination normally keeps going longer than a couple of minutes. It might happen when you're asleep or when you're accomplishing something physical. In the event that you have a blocked artery or are showing at least a bit of heart attack, which may include pains, snugness, or weight in your chest. if it is a minute's pain and increases with pressure, at that point it probably won't be heart-related. But many times the heart problems, especially in women, elderly and diabetics can occur without chest pain. When you notice that the side effects are progressively extreme and don't go away after a few minutes, you should contact your specialist right away. Likewise, remember you can have heart problems - even a heart attack- without chest pain.

Stomach Pain

There are a large number of potential causes to an upset stomach, but these particular symptoms are also on the list of signs associated with a heart attack. Women are especially likely than men to experience some sort of heart attack. One heart-related symptom that is not as common as chest pain is an upset stomach which might manifest as an attack. There is an expansive number of potential causes to an agitated stomach, however, these specific manifestations are likewise on the rundown of signs related to a heart attack. Ladies are particularly likely than men to encounter a type of stomach discomfort during a heart attack. One heart-related side effect that isn't as normal as chest pain is an upset stomach which may show as a stomach ache, vomiting or acidity. Since these symptoms are generally associated with the flu or a stomach infection, they get overlooked in connection with a heart ailment. However, if you believe that your last meal should not have led to these symptoms, then it is important to get medical attention to ensure that you are not potentially suffering from a heart attack. Also, it’s essential to remember that women have greater chances of experiencing an upset stomach in relation to heart disease, as compared to men. So make sure you see a doctor.


A severe drop in blood pressure can cause dizziness or even fainting, usually because your heart is not circulating your blood as it should. You can feel dizzy and lightheaded for a lot of reasons. can be brought on by inadequate food or water consumption or sudden or abrupt movement. But, if you are experiencing unsteadiness accompanied by discomfort in the chest and shortness of breath, then there is a strong possibility that you are having a heart attack. In this case, it is important to immediately get medical help. An extreme drop in pulse can cause discombobulation or notwithstanding dizziness, ordinarily on the grounds that your heart isn't circulating your blood as it should. You can feel bleary-eyed and unsteady for a lot of reasons. A momentary loss of balance can be expedited by inadequate food or water consumptions or en stress. In any case, in the event that you are encountering unsteadiness or dizziness coupled with discomfort in the chest and shortness of breath, at that point there is a solid probability that you are showing symptoms of a heart attack. For this reason, it is essential to check in with the doctor.

Severe migraines

A sudden, severe headache could be a warning of a stroke, head injury, tumor, aneurysm or inflammation of the blood vessels in the head. Experts say that anyone who experiences that “worst headache of your life” feeling —. If everyone in a household gets a headache at the same time, An abrupt, serious migraine could be a notice of a stroke, head damage, tumor, aneurysm or irritation of the veins in the head. Specialists state that any individual who encounters the most exceedingly terrible migraine especially if they don’t usually suffer from headaches should get help promptly.

Prevention and early diagnosis is key, so make sure you treat these symptoms with extreme caution


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Catherine Forson Agbo
Catherine Forson Agbo