27-Year Old’s Birthday Wish Means Healthcare For 200 Ghanaians

By Randy Caiquo
Opinion 27-Year Old’s Birthday Wish Means Healthcare For 200 Ghanaians

Bridget Boakye may be young, but that will not stop her from impacting African lives. Having been raised in Ghana, as well as the United States, Africa is close to her heart. So, for her 27th birthday wish, Bridget teamed up with to create Bridget Gives @ 27, where she asked friends and family to help raise $2,000 to bring much needed healthcare to the people of Ohua, Ghana.

In just two weeks, with the help of 45 donors, Bridget raised enough money for that birthday wish to come true.

Because of Bridget’s birthday wish, 155 children and 59 adult Ghanaians registered for coverage through the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), which will also renew into the next year.

After her birthday wish success, Bridget returned to Ghana. and the Ohua community leaders brought Bridget to the village and surprised her with a celebration, complete with cake to say thank you. Over 950 community members joined Bridget in the celebration, where they also learned about healthcare, the importance of health insurance, and their right to health insurance and regular access to essential health services.

Nurses from Ngyrasi CHIP, the closest clinic to the village of Ohua and the primary clinic for all individuals covered under NHIS, came to greet the newly registered children and adults and extend their welcome to the clinic.

Madam Annan, who is the senior nurse for the district, was present to help educate the community on local health issues and their rights to health. She provided attendees with information on the benefits and services available through their NHIS coverage, how to use the insurance and the importance of keeping their NHIS cards safe so that they continue to have access to benefits and services.

Also at the gathering was Miss Ashier Aba Quansah, who leads the School Health Education Program (SHEP) in the area. Miss Ashier spoke to children and their parents on how they can practice good habits and stay healthy in school.

Bridget is a shining example of how young people can make a positive impact in the world, too. Her selfless vision, combined with Crowdfrica’s dedication to the people of Africa, has touched the lives of over 200 underserved Ghanaians. In 2017, Bridget celebrated not just a birthday, but an important victory for African health. is a crowdfunding platform that enables anyone anywhere to donate as low as $5 to fund life-changing surgeries and health insurance for people in need across Africa.

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