Nothing has changed, I never mistreated her — Amerado on relationship with Delay

Rumors & Gossips Amerado and Delay
Amerado and Delay

Ghanaian artiste Amerado has addressed rumors about his relationship with media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, denying any romantic affair.

He emphasized that their bond is strictly platonic, centered on mutual professional support.

In an interview with Kwaku Manu, Amerado clarified that the dating rumors are unfounded and stem from misunderstandings about their friendship.

He stressed that nothing has changed in their relationship and that they continue to support each other as friends.

"Our relationship is the same as always; nothing has changed. Why would anyone question if I got her pregnant? She is someone who supports and appreciates me, and I do the same for her. My intentions are clear. I have never mistreated her," Amerado stated.

He went on to describe the nature of their interactions, highlighting that he often helps out when he visits Delay, including washing dishes or doing other tasks, but there has never been anything inappropriate.

"She’s never requested that I apply lotion on her back," he explained.

Delay, whose full name is Deloris Frimpong Manso, was born on June 24, 1982, turning 42 years this year.

She started her career as a radio host and quickly gained popularity for her engaging and sometimes controversial style.

Known for her privacy, Delay rarely discusses her personal life or relationships in public.

Listen to him in the video below:

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