27.02.2024 Industry News

Sharon Dede Padi stages Paint-A-Thon

Sharon Dede PadiSharon Dede Padi
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Ghanaian female artist, Sharon Dede Padi, is gearing up to break the Paint-a-Thon record while drawing attention to the often-overlooked contributions of female artists in Ghana.

Scheduled for March 15 to March 21, 2024, the paint-a-thon will unfold at Ghana Village, opposite the Legon Stadium, promising to captivate audiences and celebrate the resilience and creativity of Ghanaian female artists.

In an exclusive interview with NEWSONE on Saturday, Padi shared her motivations and preparations for the event, emphasising her dedication to championing recognition for female artists in Ghana.

She said, “I envision that I will be able to help with the promotion of females in art in Ghana, most especially the deprived ones, project the Ghanaian culture and heritage to the world, and work together with various governmental bodies to gain a wider market for my art pieces.”

Expressing her determination, Padi outlined her plan to paint for 168 hours or more, aiming to surpass the current record held by a Nigerian art student, Chancellor Ahaghotu, with a 100-hour painting marathon.

She highlighted her meticulous preparations, including securing sponsorships from companies nationwide and ensuring her physical fitness for the demanding challenge ahead.

Padi, known for her multifaceted talents in construction, project management, and artistry, continues to inspire others with her resilience and dedication to her craft. As the CEO of Padiki Art Gallery, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the art world, with accolades such as Africa’s Most Respected CEO in Art and Most Outstanding Female in Art in Ghana.

With her upcoming Paint-a-Thon, Sharon Dede Padi aims not only to break records but also to pave the way for greater recognition and empowerment of female artists in Ghana, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s art landscape.

By Francis Addo