We live in a country where we work hard to only buy waakye—Efia Odo

Efia Odo
Efia Odo

Efia Odo, a socialite and actress said it is now difficult to survive in Ghana.

According to Efia Odo, the cost of living is expensive for ordinary Ghanaians to have a better life.

She bemoaned the fact that corruption-related activities is causing the country to bleed.

In an interview with TV3, she said that youths find it difficult to make ends meet because their meagre salary is nothing to write home about-describing it as hand to mouth.

“We are not lazy; we work tirelessly just to earn a few coins. There's no prospect for the future. Here, we are merely working to afford a meal of waakye. The thought of buying a house or a car is a distant dream. It's always about what we'll eat today and tomorrow, and that's a significant issue,” Efia Odo stated.

Sebastian Sedekah Akaho-Tay
Sebastian Sedekah Akaho-Tay

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