'At 20, I was cheating on my boyfriend, having fun until a  50-year old man impregnated me' — Sandra Ababio

General News 'At 20, I was cheating on my boyfriend, having fun until a 50-year old man impregnated me' —Sandra Ababio
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Popular Kumawood actress, Sandra Ababio has made a shocking revelation about her past, disclosing that she became pregnant for a 50-year-old man when she was 22 years old.

She shared these personal details during an exclusive interview on ‘The Delay Show’, which aired on Sunday, September 3, 2023.

Sandra Ababio revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 20 to a man named Kay, who was a friend of her elder brother.

“I met someone called Kay; I got to know him through my elder brother because they were friends. I was 20 at the time and he was the one who broke my virginity. After he broke my virginity, I changed and started living my life, having fun,” she revealed.

However, it was during this phase that she met an older man who would later impregnate her.

She explained, "He showed interest in me, and I said yes to him. I was still with Kay, cheating on him with the man, and he [Kay] could call me on the phone expressing fury, but I wouldn’t be bothered."

According to her, the man who impregnated her had spent sixteen years in London before returning to Ghana.

“The man impregnated me. He was in Ghana after sixteen years of living in London. He was a mature man, almost 50 years old. He told me he’s not married,” she said.

Sandra described how the man persistently pursued her, using other elderly men in their community to convey his feelings to her.

Ultimately, she became pregnant for him. However, she later learned that the man had deceived her.

"It was when I got pregnant that he told me he couldn’t marry me because he wasn’t divorced.

“He had come to do knocking after he impregnated me, and I stayed with him at his house at Regimanuel Estate. We stayed under the same roof for about six years," Sandra revealed.

She ended her story by mentioning that she has a daughter who is now 15 years old.

However, she is no longer in a relationship with the father of her child.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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