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Afro Nation Festival Goes To Nigeria This December 2023

Afro Nation Festival Goes To Nigeria  This December 2023
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On December 19 and December 20, 2023, Nigeria will host its first-ever Afro Nation Festival, which promises to be an exhilarating two days.

The festival aims to showcase the best of African music and culture, with a lineup of renowned Afrobeats artists and exciting performances.

Attendees can expect a vibrant atmosphere filled with infectious rhythms, energetic dance moves, and an unforgettable celebration of African talent.

Afro Nation is an annual three-day music festival produced by Live Nation, Event Horizon, Smade Entertainment, and Memories of Tomorrow.

The festival was founded by Obi Asika, and Smade, in association with BBC 1 Xtra, in 2013.

Since its creation, the Afro Nation Festival has been held across major cities around the world including cities in the US and Portugal.

This is the first time the Festival is being organized in Africa.

For fans of Afrobeats and music in general, this is a momentous occasion as they get ready to participate in a grand celebration of the vibrant and contagious rhythms that characterize this genre. The event promises to showcase a lineup of talented artists who have significantly contributed to the Afrobeats scene, ensuring an unforgettable experience for attendees. From pulsating beats to energetic performances, this celebration will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all music enthusiasts.

According to Adesegun Adeosun, also known as smade and co-founder of Afro Nation, the festival aims to bring together the diaspora in the birthplace of afrobeats.He said,

With top-tier performers, upbeat performances, and an electrifying atmosphere, Lagos is slated to emerge as the epicentre of Afrobeats culture during these unforgettable days, solidifying Afro Nation's status as a worldwide music phenomenon.

As artists from across the globe converge in Lagos, they will showcase their unique talents and collaborate with local Afrobeats stars, creating an unparalleled fusion of sounds and styles.

This vibrant cultural exchange will further cement Lagos as a hub for creativity and innovation in the music industry.

Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah
Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah

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