Delay breaks silence on Hajia4Real's US$2M romance scam arrest

Exclusive News Delay breaks silence on Hajia4Real's US$2M romance scam arrest

On the back of Hajia4Reall’s extradition to the US over her alleged involvement in a romance scam, TV personality Deloris Frimpong Manso has asked for God’s protection for the Ghanaian socialite.

On the Insta Glam segment of The Delay Show aired on May 21, 2023, the media personality said: “We pray for God’s mercy and protection for her. May God be with her because the fight is tough; she is a mother and the child is even young. May God be with her.”

Mona Faiz Montrage, better known as Hajia4Reall or Mona4Reall allegedly swindled over $2 million from older, single American men and women in a twisted lonely-hearts scam and reports of her extradition went rife on May 15, 2023.

New York Post reported that Mona4Reall appeared in the Manhattan Federal Court for her alleged involvement in a series of schemes that targeted vulnerable people who lived alone.

According to court documents, she was involved with a group of con artists from West Africa from at least 2013 through 2019. The scammers would trick victims into transferring money to them under false pretences, such as to help move gold to the US from overseas, to resolve bogus FBI investigations, and to help fake US Army officers in Afghanistan.

Mona4Reall, in one case, allegedly duped a victim into sending her $89,000 through 82 wire transfers on the pretext of helping her father’s farm in Ghana, the court documents claim.

Meanwhile, New York Post’s report also stated that the socialite pleaded not guilty to the charges and is set to be released in the coming days on a $500,000 bond with GPS tracking via an ankle monitor.

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