‘I Got Nothing From The ‘Gye Se Wo Ba Mu’ Song’ – Grace Ashly Recounts Sad Story

Gospel News I Got Nothing From The Gye Se Wo Ba Mu Song  Grace Ashly Recounts Sad Story

Veteran Gospel musician Grace Ashly who has been missing from the music scene for a while now has revealed that she got not even a penny from her popular song dubbed ‘Gye se wo bamu’.

Speaking in a recent interview on Shaft FM’s ‘Drive Time show’ with host DJ Osebo, the songstress explained that she wound up getting nothing when one man went to her guide to help to sell out the said music.

“…Normally I do some technicalities on the song before it comes out, and someone came into my aid with the aim of assisting me to promote my song, and I agreed so the time I realized, I had already sold out all the copies of the song with nothing to account for,” she revealed.

She continued that one man from Kumasi called spirit man who he agreed helping her after she had shot the videos of the song proved the otherwise flaunting the agreed terms between the two.

Grace Ashly who is known for composing great tunes for the black stars added that she has been in the music industry for 20 years revealing that her existence and effort have been recognized by Ghanaians due to divine selection.

When asked by DJ Osebo on for what valid reason she has established her situation in the Music Industry since 2000, she addressed that since her essence in the Industry she realized humankind can sell out her so she explicitly directed her exertion not to satisfy people.

“If you inturn doing your music for human beings, then I must tell you, human beings can disappoint so I prayed to the almighty to assist me in all my endeavors…when it’s time for me to unleash a song, I don’t come out with any song I feel like bringing out but rather the privilege the most-high has given me,” she stated.

She, nevertheless, advised up and coming gospel musicians to act swiftly and patiently and with the help f the almighty, their stardom would be illuminated.

Richard Aubyn
Richard Aubyn

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