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Lizmonn Debuts First Single, “Fortified”.

Lizmonn Debuts First Single, Fortified.
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Young, beautiful and Sensational songstress Lizmonn has yesterday announced her entry onto the musical terrain with a wavy club banger titled “Fortified”

With an amazing delivery and quality lyrical content, the 20-year-old weaves her message around the kind of person she is, her inspiration behind her craft and the need to be hardheaded in order to make it in this life.

Fortified falls under the music pop genre, a thing alien to Ghana’s music industry but it is already raking in a lot of listenership all over the country.

Lizmonn’s approach to music brings a unique kind of flavor into the pop culture which I entreat every music aficionado to pay keen attention to.

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Felix  G Yhakubu
Felix G Yhakubu

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