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Welcome to ULTIMATE WEB DESIGN, the main topic which we teach here at this website is “how to create a website” using our free web design tutorials which will help you make a website without having to pay thousands of dollars to website designers by using the website / web page building software’s or by the step-by-step guide which we have listed to help you build your first website.

How to create a website easily
There are multiple ways in which you can create a website for your business or your personal use. Every business needs an online website to show their offer to the Internet customers. As you already know off-line website creators charge you a fortune for building a website. But in our website you will have options to choose from, we have both free and paid offers for website creation tools and web design services. Furthermore we have hundreds of tutorials to help beginners understand web design, web hosting, domain names so that they can instantly create HTML powered stylesheets and insert them on your website or blog. It is very easy to find out how to create a website. Go below and we have listed them clearly for you.

Why do you need a website?
Any business without online presence nowadays will definitely fail. It is because every individual now has access to Internet and smart phones. As a result it is your duty to adjust to technology improvements to cope with your competitors. Otherwise time will offer you irreparable damage to your business. That is why it is a must to create a website for your business.

But business is not the only reason you will need your website. You might be a photographer who like to showcase your photos in a website, or a woman who would like to write her personal stories about beauty and make-up by creating a fashion blog, or a graduated student who would like to set up a website resume, or a person/blogger willing to make money online by blogging or by setting up niche websites. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you need a website, there are multiple choices for you to choose from a list and build a website that suits your needs.

2 Ways to make a website
1.Using website building softwares
There are multiple ways in which you can make your website suiting your needs. One is by using website builder softwares or website building tools using which you can create your website within few minutes without any hassle. There are so many website builders online allowing you to build your website. Some of them don’t even require a payment upfront. If you would like to go this way, then stop searching “how can I create a website” , and start taking action. The advantage of this best website building software is that you need not have any HTML or coding knowledge, everything is already set for you and the only thing you need to do is to visually edit using the options available.

Some of them offer free domain name registration, responsive templates that are search engine friendly.

2.Using self hosted domain and hosting

Creating a website using website builders has some limitations. If you are a person who would like to test your domain with different scripts or if you are a coder/programmer who has the knowledge to maintain your own website, or if your main reason for making this website is to make money online by blogging or by other means then, having a self hosted website would be much beneficial to you. It is because you will have all the controls of the website in your hands. It definitely requires a little bit more time, but it is definitely worth the effort in the long run.

Nowadays most people use wordpress to create their website or blog. WordPress is the leading website creation software available at present. It is the best content management script with lakhs of installs every day when compared to Joomla! or Drupal. You do not need any web design or coding knowledge or previous experience to create a website from scratch using WordPress. We’ll guide you how to create your website / shop or blog using WordPress step-by-step.

Steps involved in creating a website using WordPress

  1. How to choose your domain name and how to register it.
  2. How to choose your web hosting and how to get a free domain when registering it.
  3. How to install WordPress website building software within your web hosting account.
  4. How to start setting up your WordPress to build a blog or shop.

Cost involved in creating a website
If you go to an web design agency or web designer to create your website they will charge you at least $200-$1000+ for it. But by building your website yourself, you can finish it up in under $60. Go below and start creating a website by following our website creation guide.

Steps Involved in Creating a Website Yourself For Your Blog / Shop / Business


First step: choosing your domain name
The first step for any online business is to choose your domain name. Before starting to create your website you must have analysed hundreds of options and chosen the right domain name matching your websites idea/niche/content. If you are confused “what is your domain name?” Check out the address bar, you will see ultimate web design , it is the domain name.

Why did I choose this name?
This website main topic is “how to create a website”and “how to create a blog”, but both ultimate web design and was registered already. So I chose which has both the keywords in it. This name will show your visitor what the content of the website will be even before he clicks on the results and visits our website.

Once you are sure about the domain name, go below to register the web hosting account. Don’t register the domain as you will have an option to get an free domain while signing up for the web hosting.

If you already have web hosting, You can register the domain here at Namecheap. (They offer the cheapest domain along with free privacy)


How to choose a web hosting company
Are you confused what is web hosting?, Web hosting is the server which will save the files which you upload to your website. It also runs the scripts which you use on your website. So when you make a website it is your duty to choose the right hosting company to host your website. There are hundreds of web hosting companies but it is a must for you to choose your quality web hosting company that has years of experience and an easy control panel offering seamless WordPress and other website creation software installation.

Below is a hosting which offers you free domain when you sign up with them. If you already have a domain name, it doesn’t matter. You can add your domain name information when you sign up for hosting or otherwise you can get another free domain while you sign up for hosting which you can put to use later.

Signup For WebHosting at Bluehost & Get a Free Domain Lifelong

The hosting company that you choose affects the performance of the website which you create. Signing up for cheap low quality website hosting might put your website files under risk.

Drawbacks of choosing a low quality web hosting

  • Very slow website loading
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Limited storage
  • Spam websites in the same hosting might affect your websites SEO ranking.
  • Hacking or a danger to lose your website files without proper backup.

I believe the above five reasons would be enough for you to choose a proper web hosting when you make a website so that you need not worry about the quality of the web hosting and concentrate on creating and developing your website.


Step 3: Install WordPress or other scripts as per your need

Now that you have chosen your domain name and web hosting it is now time to start creating your website or blog using the domain and web hosting which you’ve bought. Creating a website is not rocket science, you can easily build them yourself with zero coding or programming or web designing knowledge. Now this website which you are reading is powered by WordPress. Not only this millions of websites are built on WordPress since it is flexible and offers thousands of plug-ins which offers various functionalities to your WordPress blog. You have to decide on which script your website is going to function.

If you’d like to build a website for business, product showcase, photographing, website resume, for kids, for gaming, blogging, amazon affiliate sites, AdSense niche sites then WordPress is the right choice for you. If you’d like to build an e-commerce website, WordPress can be used for that purpose too by using plug-ins. In case you need to build a discussion board or forum you must install a forum software that is available in your web hosting account.

It is not tough to make a professional website by using WordPress without web design knowledge. We have hundreds of tutorials on this website which will help you create a website without having to hire a designer.

How to Install WordPress in Bluehost Hosting Within 5 Minutes

Go here to find out how to install WordPress manually if you have problems installing wordpress using automatic scripts such as fantastico, simplescripts or softaculous.

Installing WordPress is very easy, once you finish installing you will need to choose a theme or design for your WordPress blog. There are hundreds of free themes available to you from within the WordPress interface. If you in search of premium themes, you can also find many. Decide on a theme by considering the look and feel which you have in mind and then install and activate it. (Go here to find out how to install a WordPress theme).

WordPress doesn’t show you the coding end, you can set up everything visually by browsing through the website settings.

Once you install the theme, start creating the website by adding the essential plug-ins, (go here to find out how to install a plug-in in WordPress, must have plug-ins in WordPress ), creating the essential pages and then start adding content, images, videos as per your requirement to the website.

Your website must be SEO friendly so that it can rank in Google for its keywords. WordPress itself has so many Seo friendly features, but it is better if you add some tweaks to WordPress to make it very much seo friendly when you make a website. ( Go here to find out essential SEO tweaks to your wordpress website) .

Now that you have found out how to create a website using WordPress and how to make a website using website building softwares. Choose the one which is convenient to you and start creating your website.


Still not sure about how to create a website? That’s fine, We’ll Help!

If you’re worried that you’ll make some mistakes, we will help you to make a website using WordPress. Yes, it’s free with no added costs on your end. You only pay for the domain and hosting. We will create a blog or website to you using WordPress. Get your online presence very fast using this special offer. You will be easily able to manage your website as per your need, you’ll be able to add content, images or whatever you would like to add to your website. As you know WordPress is the best content management system available at present. We’ll help you install WordPress, install the essential plug-ins, and make few SEO tweaks to the site and deliver it to you free of cost. Just give us the essential details and allow us to install and setup your WordPress blog on your hosting. Click here to know more about our free create a website offer.

Now that you have read through the entire page, you might be familiar as to how to create a website using WordPress and how to make a website using website builder software’s.

So here is the final list of reminder for you to build your own website

  • First thing to create a website is to register your own domain name or website address. For example it is for us.
  • Then choose between self hosted website or website builder hosted website. A self hosted website will give you 100% controls to manage your website but will have a little bit extra work from your part while a website builder (website creation software) website is as easy as 1-2-3-4 but will have limited functionalities than the other.
  • Either way go here to choose the best website builder softwares, go here to choose the best web hosting and decide yourself.

This website is full of web design tutorials to help you create your own website. Browse through and share this website if you find it useful.

Stuck up at any step? Need Help? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how to create a website.

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